Maintenance Tips for Car’s Exhaust System

An exhaust system is very important because this can ensure that you make the most out of your vehicle. It is the most vital part of a car since this helps in preserving the fuel economy of the vehicle. An exhaust system is responsible for removing burned air-fuel mixture from the vehicle which can reduce the damages that it can incur from toxic gasses. Having said that, it is also essential that you know the proper steps in maintaining your car’s exhaust. Here are some of the tips that you can use.

Inspect surface for metal fatigue

Having a quick run through of your vehicle should include checking up on the exhaust. Inspecting the surface for metal fatigue will prove to be beneficial for your automobile. The metal fatigue is characterized by cracks, distortions or even bulges in the surface. See to it that you detect bends in the pipe or thinning of the metal earlier on so you can have it replaced immediately. 

For this tip, you can opt to use a borescope to further observe the internal components of the exhaust. The weak spots in metal will decrease the functionality of the exhaust. Have a quick look to see if the muffler is suffering from internal issues. If you have seen that its parts are damaged or severely needs repair, then you would have to replace your muffler. The reason why you should attend to this in the quickest way possible is that these defects can cause uneven heating from the exhaust which can lead to holes in the muffler can. 


Inspect the exhaust internally

Examine if your muffler has internal baffles or tubes because this is the area where you should detect damages. If these parts are dislodged, it can lead to power loss. This can also restrict the outlet that the system needs. Having the diligence to check on the internal parts can prevent corrosion which you do not see from checking on the muffler’s surface. Inspect it further for possible wear, holes, pitting, cracks, and broken parts.

Ensure proper installation

To properly maintain an exhaust, you would need to start with the proper installation. A well-made installation will increase the service life of your exhaust which will allow you to use your car with no problems. You can ensure proper installation by choosing the right exhaust system for your car from Do not force parts that do not fit the vehicle since this can break and lead to cracks which can damage the component life of the car. Make sure that the parts are all properly aligned and installed for maximum performance. Tighten the installation of parts so that you can decrease the chances of it being subject to stress. 

Avoid reusing gaskets if the part does not permit you to since this can lead to leaks and it can decrease your turbo spool. Aside from the gasket, you should also make sure that you inspect all of the hardware which are prone to heat stress or cracks. If you see that it has incurred these damages or if it is showing signs that it will lead to broken parts, then replace it immediately. 


Repairing your exhausts

If you are not comfortable about repairing it by yourself either because you lack the knowledge and the expertise, acquire contact with reliable mechanics near you. Do not be worried if you would need to ask for repairs for your exhaust since this is a common practice among car owners. Make sure that you are doing business with a reliable specialist for exhaust repairs. 

In addition to this, it would also help if you know a reliable welder as well because some mechanics go to local welding shops to repair your part. Refer a person for this purpose as well. 


Maintain the system through proper cleaning

Having maintenance checks is not enough if you don’t put in the effort to care for the components of your exhaust. Your mufflers can accumulate oil, dirt, and other deposits on it which makes cleaning the exterior or the surface inadequate for maintenance. The buildup of carbon deposits can be dangerous for your muffler. This is caused by burnt fuel and the fuel additives in it as well. If you are not cleaning your exhaust by yourself, make sure that you advise your mechanic to thoroughly clean the muffler inside and out so that the risk of contamination will be reduced.


Key Takeaway

With these tips in maintaining your exhaust, you are sure to have the most optimal performance for your car. Travelling long distance or even city-driving can subject your vehicle to risks of part repairs so be responsible enough and start maintaining your exhaust system as well. With the tips and tricks presented here, you are sure to do a great job at it.