Maintain your starter battery? These 5 tips will help you

Boot problems are very common, but a little attention to your battery can work wonders! We provide 5 tips for maintaining your battery. That way you can save a lot of time and a large sum of unnecessary costs.

1. Avoid using short duration

A starter battery only charges fully when used for a minimum of 30 minutes. Short periods of use are not enough to fully charge your battery. Worse, they drain their battery. To charge your battery correctly, it is essential to charge it for half an hour or more.

2. Park your machine (if possible) in a covered place

The temperature has a great impact on the starting capacity of the battery.¬†The cooler the battery, the lower the starting capacity.¬†That is why it is advisable to park your machine indoors.¬†It’s not possible?¬†Then try to park your machine in the wind shelter or cover it with a protective cover.¬†You will notice that this makes a big difference.

3. When starting, turn off as many power consumers as possible.

To start the engine?¬†Turn off all unnecessary energy consumers such as lights, seat heating, radio … If you turn off all these functions, your battery will have more power to start your machine.

4. Check your battery regularly.

Better safe than sorry. A battery has a medium lifespan of 4 to 5 years, depending on the type, use and level of maintenance of the battery. If you notice that your battery starts to show weakness, it is better to check it. That way you can replace it on time if necessary. With a tensimeter you can check if there is enough voltage in the battery. When the engine is running, 14 V is the norm. If the measured tension is much lower, there is a good chance that something is wrong.

5. Connect your battery to the charger if you do not use it for a while.

Won’t you use your machine for a while?¬†Did you realize that your battery is very affected by the cold?¬†Then connect the battery to a drip charger.¬†With this type of charger your battery is constantly charged at a low level, so it stays in perfect condition.

Still having trouble starting? There are several possibilities.

Do you have boot cables available and not afraid to get down to work? With the help of a well-loaded car or donor machine, you can return to work relatively quickly. This option may take some time.

With a¬†starter you¬†can save a lot of time and effort.¬†With the help of a starter you can give your battery a ‘boost’ whenever and wherever you want, so that your machine starts again.¬†That way it doesn’t depend on others and you can return to work in no time.

Are you looking for a battery, a battery charger or a starter?

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