Mailchimp vs Drip | The Best Email Marketing Platform Comparison

For running a business, the basic prerequisite is to spread your products and services to a wide range of people. And for this, the email marketing platform is the finest choice. However, there are two possibilities that would fulfill your requirement, the first is Mailchimp and the other is Drip. 

Are you perplexed about which one can resolve your issue from MailChimp vs Drip right? In this article, we have mentioned the integration process, pricing plans, operating procedures, and other comparisons of both platforms. So, you just need to pick out the best one according to your requirements. Let’s begin!

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing software used by small and medium businesses to send emails and newsletters. It is an advanced in years marketing software that was developed in 2001. It is convenient for catering to eCommerce, Bloggers, eStores, startups, and other sizes of businesses. 

Around 2 decades back it was a wildly popular marketing platform. Because of having broader approval by many companies and developers but now there is an availability of other multiple software. Still, it is a capable marketing platform that will help you in achieving the expected goal of your business. 

What is Drip Campaign?

Drip email marketing is a hi-tech and updated version of the email marketing platform that was developed in 2013 for eCommerce businesses. It mainly focuses on personalization and provides a better experience to business owners and customers.

This updated version of email marketing has progressive features such as an automatic visual builder. The modernized functionalities of drip marketing are very helpful in providing you with a smooth-running and steady communication experience. Also, useful in catering to bloggers, dynamic marketers,  and other e-businesses.

How do Mailchimp vs Drip Email Marketing Vary From Each Other?

In some cases, drip campaigns have more unique features, on the other hand, MailChimp has extra and practical features. Both platforms provide various functionalities that are completely different from each other so here we will understand the functionalities of both platforms in detail. Also, will get to know the comparison of Mailchimp vs Drip marketing. 

  • Email Campaign
  1. Mailchimp

The MailChimp marketing campaign allows you to share your emails, newsletters, and other advertisements to promote your product and services. That helps you in broadcasting your brands to a broad audience and creating your brand’s identity globally. 

Mailchimp offers you three ways to send your emails Regular, Automated, and Plain. 

  • In the regular email, you need to select the template, and recipient list and put a catching subject line then click on the send button. 
  • If you want to share your emails without spending much time then you should process for automated email campaign. 
  • For sending your emails, as usual, you need to go for plain emails.
  1. Drip

Just like the Mailchimp campaigns, drip will not allow you to send flowery pattern templates instead it offers you a global style for sharing your emails. 

There are two ways to send emails in drip marketing, Campaigns, and Broadcasts. 

  • You can use the campaign’s email for sending your emails over a period of time depending on the automatic setup of the software. Here, you just need to choose the set of emails and a specific time that will fit your client’s preferences.
  • Broadcasts email is used to send emails with a set of instructions. It refers to sending one email at a time which includes sale emails, discount emails, newsletters, and other offer emails.
  • Integration Process
  1. Mailchimp 

The Mailchimp platforms have a wide range of integrations since it is applicable to integrate with all classes of software applications. Whether that is telecommunication or other marketing software. The Mailchimp software has more than 200 integrations which make this platform very popular and highly recommended. 

It provides you with a very fine workflow in integrating with the API and the webhook. In the case of operating the SuiteCRM system, you are advised to use the “SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration” extension. Since this plugin will operate your business using the functionalities of both SuiteCRM as well as Mailchimp Email Marketing. 

  1. Drip

As Drip marketing is new in the market in comparison with Mailchimp software so it doesn’t have a big list of integration which is around 50+. For this, you’re allowed to integrate it with the best social channels like eCommerce & CMS. Other than this it has a Zapier integration & webhook management as well. 

On the condition, you can not integrate the drip campaign with the SuiteCRM system, for this point of issue, you need to use the “SuiteCRM Email Drip Campaign plugin”. This plugin gives you the same email automation functionalities in the SuiteCRM.

  • Pricing Plans
  1. MailChimp 

Generally, you can use the Mailchimp software freely but for principal use, it is available in three different pricing and plans that provide different functionalities. 

The Mailchimp campaign has Free, Standard, Essentials, and Premium pricing plans.

  • Using the free pricing plan of this platform you can have 2000 connections and 5 email templates, 7 marketing media, one-on-one automation, and marketing CRM. 
  • For the standard one, you have to pay $10.43, for which you will get 500 subscribers and 24/7 support, numerous templates, A/B testing, and Custom branding. 
  • In the essential plan, there are 500 subscribers with an amount of $15 that gives you the features of custom-coded templates, retarget advertisement, journey automation, and customer insight. 
  • Here you need to pay $312 which provides you with 10,000 subscribers. It also, allows you to use statistical testing, progressive separation, phone asset, unlimited templates, numerous seats, and RBAC (role-based access control). 
  1. Drip

To use the drip campaign you can start with a $0 amount since the free version of drip marketing allow you to send multiple emails that is available only for 14 days. And by paying $19 per month you can get 500 people in your account and can send emails without restrictions. However, the list would go on with increasing amounts as well as increasing subscriber numbers. 

What Auxiliary Features do Mailchimp vs Drip Provide From One Another?

  • The MailChimp platform has an easy & unclutter user interface but in the case of the drip platform you’re allowed to use the advanced & elegant UI design.
  • You can freely customize the MailChimp software while having limited customization in the drip software. 
  • In the comparison of MailChimp vs Drip marketing tool, the superior users of the Mailchimp campaign are temporary bloggers and small & medium business owners. Furthermore, the Drip campaign has proficient bloggers, small, medium, & large businesses, startups, and automation marketers. 
  • The review of the customers is good for MailChimp but with respect to the drip campaign customers are not happy to say yes extremely. 
  • Mailchimp email marketing is an android, IOS, and cloud-based platform despite Drip email marketing is only a cloud-based platform. 
  • While checking out the rating of MailChimp vs Drip platforms you will find that MailChimp has more ratings than drip which is approx 4.48 out of 5. On the other hand, drip has only 4.44 with the same outing points. 

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