Mail Order Brides Statistics

Many fellows may waste the best years trying to meet soul mates, while others don’t rely on their destinies but build their love and family lives with their brains, hearts, and hands. So they join various online dating services to target a probable partner of an appropriate age, face, body type, hobbies, and values. Today, the world’s borders are conventional. They no longer prevent people of different nationalities from meeting, dating, and marrying each other. Moreover, virtual search for brides is a traditional way to meet future spouses.

Actually, mail-order brides have become popular long ago. One should agree that the appearance of the Internet in our lives has facilitated our work, communication, and, of course, love life. Millions of men have been successful couples with decent girls after registering on the best matchmaking platforms. 

Nevertheless, time passes and changes many things, including our requirements and expectations. Can you find a bride online today? Is dating women remotely still efficient? You’ll get the answer after reading the post. 

Mail-Order Bride Online Dating in Numbers

You can endlessly debate whether searching for mail-order brides online results in the desired outcome or turns into complete disappointment. However, the numbers don’t lie. That’s why let’s consider the U.S. stats instead of making dubious assumptions and start with history:

  • A mail-order bride trend has come into being more than 20 years ago. 
  • 90 agencies have offered these services in the USA since 1997.
  • Matchmaking services declare nearly 10,000 successful marriages annually. 
  • Around 5,000 mail-order brides per year arrive in the USA. 

And what about dating websites. Are they feature the same great success rates as offline agencies boast?

  • The best mail-order bride online platforms have 2 million monthly visits.
  • The number of marriages reaches 10,000.
  • Ukraine, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia are the top-rated countries with the most desired women for marriage.
  • 10% of all girls become American, Canadian, and Western European residents’ wives.
  • 80% of those seeking spouses online are satisfied with the relationships’ development.

As you see, the stats are impressive. Online dating works and really helps men find mail-order brides. However, does your match result in marriage? This aspect depends on your will, maturity, and expectations. In other words, not raw numbers, but you decide whether you swell the ranks of positive or negative statistics. 

Most Attractive Men from Mail-Order Brides’ Point of View

Although mail-order brides divorce twice less frequently than women who meet their spouses offline, not all romances are successful. Of course, both parties are responsible for conflicts. However, men often fail in their relationships because they don’t get a clear idea of their brides’ expectations. So, let’s fix things right now and clarify which men are in mail-order brides’ tastes:

  • The age range is between 30 and 60.
  • Annual income should be $100,00 and over.
  • Business, medicine, and science are the most preferable fields of employment
  • Singles and widows are more popular than divorced men.

Speaking of countries, fiancées from the USA rock the international dating scene. Other high economies like Canada or Western Europe are in second place. Well, the stats are about female preferences. However, what is a real situation? Here are some stats provided by Davor Jedlicka, a sociologist at the University of Texas. Note that she surveyed 265 men focused on seeking mail-order brides in Asia:

  • Education includes one or two years of college.
  • Annual income is over $20,000.
  • 42% of their occupations mostly relate to a service sector or middle management.
  • The average age is 37.

And what about women? Most are from Eastern European or Asian countries. These are young females from 18 to 35 looking for better alternatives to local men. Averagely, nearly 100,000 girls join dating sites and apps every year. Still, their number constantly grows and tends to triple in the nearest future. 

How Much Have Men to Spend on Mail-Order Brides?

Mail-order brides cost almost nothing until men start dating them in person, planning their future together. Here is an approximate budget to consider:

  • $50-$150/month for membership on a dating website.
  • Depending on the destination, $200-$3000 of round-up travel costs. For example, the ticket from New York costs nearly $1,000, while it is $700-$800 to Kyiv. Besides, you should bear in mind spending on internal transportation.
  • $30-$200 per offline date. The costs might be higher or lower regarding venues, food, small greeting presents, etc.
  • Visas for brides of U.S. Citizens (K-1 Visa) require $2,200. The price includes both visa and permanent residence permission.

And, of course, men should have funds in reserve to cover a contingency and avoid problems in force majeure circumstances.

More Interesting Facts about Mail-Order Brides

Some data mentioned above seems quite clear and predictable, while the following stats might be surprising for many daters:

  • The average age of a bride who marries an American is 21-25 years old.
  • The Philippines is the top mail-order bride country for now.
  • 20% of Americans enjoy international and cross-cultural marriages.
  • Asian and Slavic wives want kids more than western females. Moreover, many successfully combine businesses and family lives.
  • Americans and Latin guys are more inclined to international and interracial marriages than whites from other regions.
  • The average age gap is 5 years.
  • More men under 30 started thinking about marrying foreign women. 

So, mail-order brides still worth attention? You decide. In any case, percentages and numbers are just formal stats. At the same time, each couple is unique, having its own history and outcome. Will you be lucky enough to find real love overseas? Just try, and you’ll see.