Magnets And Basic Uses Of Magnets

Science and technology have grown over the years. Each century has brought forth some of the most genius inventions that have made life easier for people across the globe. For example, once there was a time where getting light in your house seemed impossible, but after one single invention that became possible, i.e., the light bulb. Once, the power to talk to people across the globe was thought of as a power only gods had, but that soon became a powerful man can have too with the invention of the telephone. One similar kind of invention we are going to talk about today is magnets. We will know what magnets are and learn about some of the basic uses of magnets.

What Are Magnets?

An invisible and impenetrable power is known as magnetism. It is brought about by the movement of electric charges that generally lie dormant under normal circumstances but, with an external charge, gets rounded up to move around excessively. A magnet is an object that uses this phenomenon where it has an attractive field that is primarily undetectable but presents no doubt. A magnet draws in or repulses different things depending upon their nature.

Magnets tend to attract objects mostly made of steel. An interesting aspect of magnets is that they have poles – the north and South Pole. Therefore, if brought together, two magnets will attract when opposite poles are brought face to face, whereas they will repel if similar poles are brought together.

Basic Uses Of Magnets:

  • Using of computers is common these days. One should know that the computers they use would become useless if they don’t use magnets. Magnets are used in almost several of the critical components of computers like hard disks, motherboards, cd drives. Magnets are used to read and write anything within a compact dist essentially.
  • Compass was the first thing that brought people to know about magnets. Hand-held compasses solely work due to their magnetic fields. Without the use of compasses traveling to different parts of the world would become impossible. Therefore, one can guess what huge role magnets place in our world.


Science and technology have grown immensely over the years—magnets one such invention that has changed the course of mankind forever. Magnets use a particular phenomenon called magnetism. Magnets have several vital features used in several essential items that we use today, including the computers and the compass.