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Utilization of magnets for eliminating ferrous toxins in a mechanical climate started during the 1940s to assist ranchers with catching and eliminating metal impurities from their grain chutes. Today, in plastics and different enterprises, ferrous metal tainting can harm measure gear and make unclean items that should be rejected or sold at not exactly full worth. This metallic pollution might come from an assortment of sources. Approaching items might contain pollutants from the transportation vessel used to convey the item, for example, a big hauler truck or railcar. Defilement might begin inside the plant because of material preparing, pounding, pulverizing, or general scraped spot. Furthermore, plant faculty can coincidentally drop metallic articles into a compartment or stream of crude material.

Issues related with ferrous metal defilement can be decreased or wiped out by utilizing magnetic partition hardware. Magnetic separators are accessible in a wide assortment of plans to eliminate ferrous material like nails, rust, scale, bolts, welding bar, and different toxins from dry or fluid items. This article will likewise momentarily talk about recognition and partition gear for nonferrous metals.


MAGNETIC SEPARATORS – a wide scope of MAGNETIX items, intended for metal partition in applications, for example, mining, power industry, reusing and food industry. The magnetic and electromagnetic separators are introduced on belt transports, chutes and pneumatic passing on pipelines.

In our deal you can discover many kinds of magnetic separators like:

  • Over-belt magnetic and electromagnetic separator for metal partition from transport lines
  • Magnetic pulley and drum for metal partition from transport lines and chutes
  • Magnetic plate for metal partition from transports, pipelines and chutes
  • Magnetic cone separator (pipe magnetic separator) for metal division in pipelines
  • Magnetic mesh for metal division in pipelines and chutes
  • Magnetic channel for metal partition in pipelines, particularly for fluid food
  • Whirlpool current separator for partition of non-magnetic metals like aluminum division.
  • Cover-belt electromagnetic separator

Magnetic and electromagnetic separators Magnetix are items with the best European quality. We can get this on the grounds that all means of assembling metal separators from planning, testing and creation are in our industrial facility. For working of metal separators we are utilizing the most grounded neodymium and ferrite magnets and the best quality parts from our European providers. The best quality is endorsed by ISO declaration TÜV NORD.

In the deal the Customer can discover regular magnetic separators for average sizes of transports, pipelines and chutes. MAGNETIX as a maker acknowledges additionally not regular tasks where there is planning of various sizes and sorts of magnetic separators for some mechanical establishments. Unique metal separators can be utilized in touchy zones ATEX like coal mine shafts and force plants, mills, sugar production lines and so forth with high hazardous dustiness.

Magnetic separators MAGNETIX are conveying all over Europe and the world. In case you are searching for a not commonplace size or unique plan of magnetic separator simply call us – we can do it.

Magnetix Fluid Magnetic Separator Machine For Latest Machinery And Technology Equipment

Division Equipment is broadly utilized in the food, dairy, grain and processing, compound, plastics, oil, material, reusing, and different businesses for applications and items like yours. With our items, you have a solitary cause of supply for all that you need for productive division. You can depend on our hardware and ability to dispense with item pollution and harm to apparatus from tramp metal in a practical and savvy way.


1. High magnetic documented power and uncommon plan for magnetic circuit.

2. The completely fixed design makes the magnetic separator water-confirmation, dust-verification and erosion standing up to.

3. Low energy utilization.

4. Simple to introduce and advantageous to utilize.

5. High productivity and stable execution.

Activity measure

Following a couple of moments later(you can set the time whatever you like contingent upon yourself condition),close the confirmation valve and slurry valve, open the back slurry valve to release the leftover slurry in the separator, then, at that point, magnetic cutting, close the affirmation valve, slurry valve and back slurry valve, open the iron releasing valve to release the magnetic material which are ingested on the Magnetic media.