Magnetic tattoo removal: An effective non-invasive tattoo removal technique

Getting a tattoo on your body is always a personal choice. People consider getting a tattoo an adventurous act. But when it comes to removing a tattoo from your body part then it could become complicated. Laser tattoo removal is one of the famous and common treatments available. But besides having some extent of results, the laser technique is expensive and it also causes infection to the body.  People are now preferring Magnetic tattoo removal which is an effective non-laser treatment. 

Everyone cannot afford the treatment cost of the laser. Laser treatment is costly and if it is left incomplete then it can cause skin problems for a lifetime.  The laser contains extreme energy, so the application of laser rays should be in seconds. The scorching heat that comes from the laser can even damage the skin. It can destroy skin cells and it can cause permanent scars and change in pigmentation.  Here list of side effects caused by Laser tattoo removal treatment.

Side Effects of laser tattoo removal process

Some of the side effects of getting laser tattoo removal treatments are described below:

Patchy skin complexion

The superheating laser beam can cause skin pigment to respond negatively. It can leftover a patchy skin complexion on the affected area.  When skin reacts with the laser beam, it can activate the creation of melanin that can change the affected area darker to the adjacent skin.  And if you somehow apply sunblock to that body then it can get darker.

It is too expensive

As we have already stated that, it is not everyone capacity to afford the laser tattoo removal treatment. Even some tattoos are darker and deep, so will need 3-4 sessions for better results. Each session of laser treatment can cost you high more than your expectations.

Irritation on skin

The deep beam laser light targeting the affected part of your skin repeatedly and it can result in making your skin itchy and red.  Sometimes skin gets burnt due to frequent sessions.  If irritation is normal then it is all right, but in case you feel the situation out your hand, then consult a dermatologist for that.


It is a high chance of risk that your skin can get the infection if you chose the laser tattoo removal method. It happens because the skin becomes swollen after the treatment and turns irritating till it recovers. The itching can increase and it can obtain infection on the swollen skin area.

Magnetic tattoo removal- An innovative non-laser tattoo removal method

The latest and efficient tattoo removal treatment is TATTOO REMOOV TM. It is an innovative methodology of ink abstraction for skin tattoo and cosmetics. The extraordinary magnetic cartridges are accessible for tattoo removal. The best thing about magnetic tattoo removal is that it is ISO & CE certified cartridges. These magnetic cartridges fortified with top quality silicone membrane

The magnetic treatment gets leverages the static magnetic feature of tattoo inks and modern improvement of the medical science in utilizing inconstant current magnetic arenas. The changeable modern magnetic field is applied externally on the affected skin part tempting enduring magnetic ink elements. This heat intensification passes through the adjacent cell persuading the cell’s death. Leftover cell elements and tattoo ink are then eliminated by regular immunity reactions of the body. Thus gradually it will work on removing the tattoo.

Benefits of getting Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

    • The non –invasive magnetic tattoo removal procedure is cost-effective. Unlike laser treatment, you don’t have to look into your pocket terribly every time.
    • There will be no application of messy creams in the treatment because it is a completely advanced and innovative treatment.
    • There is no need for excision when you are choosing for the magnetic tattoo removal process.
    • It is suitable for all colors and unlike laser, it is not color dependent.
    • It is painless as compared to laser treatment.
    • Needs less session to compare to several other treatments
    • It is quite easy, fast, and safe for all skin type
    • There will be no use of acid, bleach, medical treatment, laser process, fade cream, and IPL in the noninvasive laser treatment. 

How does the Non-Laser tattoo removal process work?

The non-laser tattoo removal process links with tattoo inks and undying makeup pigments lead to a tattoo removal method that is NON-color reliant contrary to the laser that is color dependent. This leads to the immense possibility for positive tattoo removal and reduces the number of treatment sessions needed less than needed in laser techniques.

  1. Process of using tattoo removal solution and magnetic 88 needles
  2. The one in the presentation of Masterclass

Linda Paradis Non-Laser Tattoo Removal method is not the same as the tattoo process. The specifical tattoo remoov solution is applied to the tattoo area using magnetic 88 needles to pull-out the ink in the skin.

Is Non-Laser Tattoo Removal suitable for me?

Well, a Non-Laser Tattoo Removal is effective on permanent makeup, professional, and homemade tattoos on any part of the body except eyelid or eyeliner. The treatment is not color centric contrary to the laser which is color selective. It is effective on all pigment and color inks.

Does magnetic tattoo removal cause pain?

To be honest, it is not completely painless, but it is less painful than laser.  The treatment of pain is not the same as getting a tattoo. You will feel discomfort because of the alcohol on the tattoo remoov solution while the magnetic 88 needles are touching the skin to pull-out the inks, this will be in a few seconds only.

What is the duration of non-invasive treatment?

The non-invasive treatment duration depends on the size of the tattoo and its location. A cosmetic tattoo is less than 30 minutes and a body tattoo is longer than a cosmetic tattoo.

How quickly results will appear

The healing process of the treated area will take 3 to 4 weeks. During the 4 to 5 days you will see the result on the treated area since the skin is starting to regenerate and heal. You need to follow the aftercare treatment as instructed by the technician in order to have an excellent result. This will be fewer sessions than laser and 100% safety than any other non-laser tattoo removal method.