Magic Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look New and Improved

When your bedroom loses its inviting aura or a creative mood strikes suddenly, you set off on a quest for a new and improved nighttime getaway.

But repainting all four walls, swapping in brand new furniture, installing new carpeting, and doing it all over again three months from now isn’t realistic.

Don’t settle for bland and outdated!

These 11 bedroom design “magic tricks” will bring your sleep oasis to life without draining your bank account or robbing you of precious time!

Make the Clutter Disappear [KonMari Method]

A cramped, cluttered bedroom can quickly lose its once-cozy allure. 

Why not ditch the extra junk and free up some much-needed space?

The KonMari Method, brainchild of professional organizer Marie Kondo, can declutter your entire apartment from top to bottom.

The concept is simple.

Divide your items into categories (books, memorabilia, clothes, etc.). Then, go through them one by one, only saving the things that “bring you joy.”

The less clutter in your closet and on your nightstand, the more feng-shui and balance you’ll return to your bedroom.

Create a Size Illusion With Mirrors

Short of hiring a construction crew and demolishing walls, there’s very little you can do to add square footage to a tiny bedroom. But with a strategically placed mirror, you can create a size illusion.

The best place is on a wall opposite a window. With natural light flowing freely into the room, mirrors can brighten up a room, making it look larger and more inviting.

Turn your mirror into fresh decor by choosing one that’s metallic-framed, odd-shaped, or oversized.

Ditch the Bland & Plain Colors

Nothing redefines a room quite like a fresh coat of paint. Light shades and pastels offer a welcoming, calming, and bright vibe.

But if you truly want to ditch the plainness, feel free to be a bit more daring:

  • Add a wallpapered accent wall
  • Paint the ceiling dark
  • Infuse patterns like chevron, checkers, or chintz
  • Select a color palette or scheme to match all furniture with

Monochromatic, solid-colored everything might still be all the rage in interior design circles. Yet, don’t feel obligated to hop on a trend you don’t love.

Build a Custom-Made DIY Headboard

Here’s a wild guess:

You either have a decades-old wooden headboard from your childhood, or you butt the head of the bed right against the wall. A new and improved DIY headboard can weave some much-needed style into a dull bedroom!

Check out these DIY headboard ideas from Architectural Digest. Hexagonal mosaic wall tiles, macrame, or even a drawn-on headboard can give your bedroom a brand new look.

Beautify Those Storage Solutions

If you’ve ever called a shared dorm room “home,” plastic tote towers became the most practical — and most affordable — storage solution. But now, there’s more wiggle room and a chance to lean more toward “beautiful.”

It’s time to spice up those blase storage solutions.

The following options all shout “modern” and “creative”:

  • Grayscale bookshelves, 
  • Eye-catching round storage racks, 
  • Bookshelves with rows of wicker baskets, and storage bins disguised as seating 

Infuse a Little Thrift Shop Charm

Instagram, Pinterest, and Better Homes & Gardens like to remind us that farmhouse and modern decor are hot commodities. 

Yet, as the old saying goes:

What’s old is new again.

Pay a visit to your local thrift or antique shop to snag some oldies yet goodies — and on a budget! Let your creative juices run loose when choosing vintage and antique decor.

Neon rope lights, 70s-era vinyl records, and authentic Roaring Twenties dressers will never go out of style.

Choose Funky, Glamorous Light Fixtures

Admit it.

You completely overlooked the bare bulb and swaying metal chain hanging over your bed. Light fixtures are often the last decor pieces we replace but can also completely steal the show.

Prepare to get funky!

Replace the bulb with a luxurious chandelier, LED wall lights, neon wall art, or even gentle fairy lights. There’s a light fixture to match any style and personality.

Reorganize Everything

Have you ever walked into a room, paused, and said, “I feel like something’s different?”

That’s our next strategy!

You don’t have to spend a dime on your bedroom revamp. Dress comfortably, bump your favorite tunes, and start reorganizing the entire joint. 

Push your queen-sized bed to be flush against the far wall. Switch your bureau and your TV stand. Or, turn your afternoon into an all-out free-for-all, moving furniture around until everything fits just right.

Fill White Space With Artwork & Tapestries

If your room’s wall decor is currently non-existent, filling the white space with anything will refresh your bedroom. And you can do it without touching a single paint roller or loading your trunk with several cans of paint.

Look for color, design, and style!

Oversized tapestries can add a splash of color to an entire bare wall. And vinyl records, framed photos in a gallery wall, or DIY wall quotes can put your personality on full display. 

When it’s time to re-style your bedroom in a few months, just pull out the pushpins (or tug the Command Strips), and go to town again.

Swap In New Bedding

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to uncover a brand new style is to toss a new blanket, sheets, and pillows onto your bed. This technique could take only five minutes — depending on how stubborn those sheets are.

Choose a cozy material, like linen. Whip out the rustic-colored duvet or quilt when autumn rolls around. Or, sneak seasonal throw pillows onto your bed to change your bedroom’s style by the week.

Add a Faux Brick or Wood Wall

A high-rise studio apartment in the city might be well beyond your budget. And, you might be thousands of miles away from the nation’s heartland.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some urban or rustic flair to a currently bland apartment. Installing a faux brick or wood accent wall is as simple as peeling and sticking the panels onto a single wall.

Even if you settle for three other pure white walls, these textures, and rich colors will automatically add some coziness and style.


Even something as simple as swapping in a headboard, hanging a tapestry, or reorganizing your bookshelf can put on a fresh spin on a dull bedroom.

The question is:

Where do you start?

If you have $0 in your wallet, some light reorganization and a quick declutter session can change the entire look. If you have some extra cash to invest, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or a trip to the thrift shop.

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Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Arch at Bloomington to help them with their online marketing.