Magic Mushrooms and Mental Health Therapy is the Future

Physical well-being without Mental Health is like a body without soul and a flower without fragrance. Mental health issues have always remained the primary concern of human beings. Humankind has adopted various methods to cure mental illness. However, mental health issues are still there.

Statistical Overview of the Mental Health Problems

According to an estimate out of 5 Canadian citizens, one individual has a mental disorder. Moreover, about 8 million people die worldwide due to mental illness. A Research Work published in 2019, by John Elflein, demonstrated the number of people globally with some mental health disorder as of 2017.

Magic Mushrooms-A Magic Solution to Mental Health Problems

There is a long list of mental health issues that people are experiencing nowadays. Some of them include anxiety, depression, addiction, and schizophrenia. Previously, various medications have been used to treat mental illness. The most prominent side effect of those medicines was the development of addictive behavior in the patient.

Now the as the world is changing; there is a prominent paradigm shift in the behavior of people. They have serious concerns about the medicines which they have been using for so long to treat their psychological disorders. A permanent solution to mental issues is their destination. Researchers are putting forward their efforts in this regard.

Psilocybin Mushroom that is also known as Magic Mushroom, is one upon which scientists are focusing most. According to researchers, Psilocybin Mushroom can cure psychological disorders permanently. Hence, Magic Mushrooms are going to be proved as a Magic solution to Mental Health problems.

Magic Mushrooms are making their Way towards the Future.

Matthew Johnson, Ph.D., in his interview with Healthline, acknowledged that Magic Mushrooms have high potential to treat mental sickness. Moreover, he recognized several successful treatments with Magic Mushrooms during his research work. Additionally, he hoped that psilocybin would be approved to treat a large number of psychological problems within the next 5-10 years.

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