Why add Magento Custom Form Builder for your eCommerce store?

Garry owned an ecommerce store where he sold women’s and kids’ garments. One day, he was surprised to receive an email from a visitor on his website suggesting to place an easy to use contact form for the inquiry. Garry contacted a few ecommerce experts for advice on the best Magento 2 contact form extensions. As his existing website had a lengthy contact form, he was not getting enough inquiries from his ecommerce store. No user would like to spend more than a minute to send an inquiry for the products or services. He decided to install Magento Custom Form Builder to resolve the issue.


He started doing some research over the internet and looked for the best Magento 2 form builder. He came across Magento 2 Form Builder from Pixlogix and hired a professional Magento expert to help him get a short and sweet contact form that was user friendly. 


Magento 2 contact form extension for collecting inquiries


Magento 2 contact form extension could be managed by Garry himself without any technical knowledge. He could easily add or edit or even remove the fields from the contact form. As this Magento 2 form builder is responsive, the visitors loved it and he could notice an increase in the online inquiries from the contact page.


Once the form is submitted using Flexible Magento Contact form Extension, the information is shared with the store owner in a couple of minutes. It’s in build captcha provides spam protection and form validation to its users which makes it most reliable Magento 2 form builder. Here are few key

features associated with Magento 2 Form Extension:


  • Facilitate form specific email template.
  • Easy use of widgets to insert a form on CMS page.
  • Field specific custom CSS class on the frontend.
  • Dynamic form redirection after successful form submission.
  • Radio and checkbox options for horizontal and vertical list style manageable by admin.
  • Unlimited fields creation with different types of field types.


Form collecting customer feedbacks to requesting a quote contact form extension helps in all format and provide an extra wing to your store. 


What are the benefits of Magento Custom Form Builder for ecommerce websites?


If you are getting a lot of visits, but not many online inquiries, you should evaluate the contact form and the fields it has. It is important to make sure that your contact form has minimum number of fields as users may be reluctant to add their personal and confidential information. Do not make all the fields mandatory as visitors may not prefer to fill up all the information in the form.


The admin users can manage all the features of the contact form from the backend. They can also enable or disable CAPTCHA. If you want to receive email notifications, you can add one or multiple email IDs for that.


The user-friendly interface makes Easy contact form extension a preferred choice of several users and Magento developers across the globe. It helps you create responsive contact and product inquiry forms that can be accessed from any device. Every online store owner should make use of this extension and enjoy the endless benefits it offers.


Did you know that you can create unlimited forms with Magento Custom Form Builder? One can manage the top and footer links dynamically. You can also manage the default message on successful submission of the contact form so that the users get notified that their message has been received by the website owners.


You can use separate email templates for admin and customer. WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for the website owners manage on the frontend while creating the form. One can add easy to use widgets to insert a form on CMS page. Dynamic country and state fields can be added by the admin.




With such amazing benefits of Easy contact form extension, you cannot ignore installing it for your Magento 2 store. It’s high time you should provide your users ease while they need to contact you or make a product inquiry on your store. So, what are you waiting for? Create web forms with Magento 2 contact form extension and collect the users’ inquiries within no time. Customize the fields of the form the way you want them and extend the functionality of your online store.

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