Machine learning experts are changing the world

One of the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning. A machine learning expert should know algorithm, problem solving analytics etc.

The following are tips to choose machine learning experts-

  1. Should understand the basics-

A machine learning expert should spend a couple of weeks enhancing, their “general knowledge” about the field of data science and machine learning. A machine learning expert should understand the finer details to a point where they can explain it in simple terms to anyone. They should know topics such as- analytics, data science, big data, and artificial intelligence, how these domains are different from each other and also related.

  1. Understand big data technologies-

Many of the machine learning models in use today has been around for decades. The reason why these algorithms are finding applications now is that we finally have access to sufficiently large amounts of data that can be supplied to these algorithms for them to be able to come up with useful outputs. Data engineering and architecture is a field of specialization in itself, but every machine learning expert must know how to deal with big data systems, irrespective of their specialization within the industry. Understanding how large amounts of data can be stored, accessed and processed efficiently is important to being able to create solutions that can be implemented in practice and not just theoretical exercises. A machine learning expert should know how to upload data, run processes, and extract results after installing some app.

  1. Explore Deep learning models-

Deep learning models are helping big companies create solutions which help global giants. Machines are able to see listen, read, write and speak thanks to deep learning models that are going to transform the world in many ways, including changing the skills required for people to be useful to organizations.

  1. Create supervised learning models-

Supervised learning algorithms help solves a lot of problems while a machine learning expert should know a variety of algorithm topics like logistic regression etc. When a machine learning expert starts with the most popular ones a world of new possibilities opens and ways in which they can make data useful for an organization.

  1. Knows Python or R (or both) for data analysis-

A machine learning expert should know both Python and R. A machine learning expert should have knowledge of data quality analysis, data cleaning and preparation, supported data structures, data visualization, data manipulation like- sorting, filtering, aggregating and other functions as well as read, import or export data.

  1. Should complete an exploratory Data Analysis Project-

Exploratory data analysis is about studying data to understand the story that is hidden beneath it, and sharing the story with everyone. Single variable explorations, pair wise and multiple variable exploration, and visualization, dashboard and storytelling in Tableau can be some of the topics that a machine learning expert should know.

  1. Have knowledge of statistics-

Statistical concepts cannot be ignored in machine learning and data science and a machine learning expert must understand and know how to apply concepts like data structures, variables, sampling etc.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a set of skills for the present and future. Machine Learning for Developers is thus important.