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Apple has designed its user-friendly to support the entire ecosystem. All the features are designed smartly to offer solutions to the challenges. Like us humans, MacBook also needs energy to run. Most of Apple’s laptops can handle around 1000 charge cycles. If your MacBook is charged it is ready to provide you with all the solutions in just one click. But what if your MacBook is not changing? Then how about getting all the solutions and getting connected to the world? It can happen to anyone. Calm down and search for MacBook Repair in Delhi. To know about the reason for the problem and bring back your MacBook to life, with the help of an expert repair provider.

Know about the types of chargers for different MacBook models:

Apple uses a few types of chargers for different models. The MagSafe 1 and 2 chargers come in 45W, 60W and 85W. The USB-C chargers come in 30W, 35W, 61W, 87W, 96W and 140W. The new MagSafe 3 chargers come in 67W, 96W, and 140W.

What to do if your MacBook is not charging?

If your MacBook is not charging, it can be because of the charger that is not functioning properly, it won’t charge your MacBook’s battery. Make sure the power outlet is ok. You can plug in any other electronic device to check if the power outlet is working properly or not.

The MacBook charger comes with a removable AC power cord. Check the power cord for wear and tear. Insert the plug into the wall outlet. Check the power cord on the charger side.

Go through the charger’s output cable in case of any tear or damage in the cable.

Make sure the USB-C charging cable is properly inserted into the USB-C charger. If it starts charging you are good to go. If the cable is not connected properly. The removable USB-C cable is prone to get damaged by bending the plugs at two ends. Stop using that cable and get a new one.

The MacBook charger can become warm while using. If you place the charger in a poorly ventilated area, such as on a sofa, bedding, or a pillow, the charger may turn itself off if it gets too warm. Unplug the charger and let it cool down.

The AC line noise from power tools, and other electronic devices may interfere with the MacBook Repair charger. If there is too much line noise, the charger will shut down.

Unplug the charger, wait for a few minutes, and plug it back in to see if it is working or not.

If nothing with the charger then you should rule out malware. Antivirus One can help you in case of any virus invasion.

Open Antivirus One, click full scan and wait for the report and instructions.

So your charger is working fine and also no virus thread but still your Macbook is not charging? Let’s find out. Scroll down this article regarding MacBook Repair in Delhi, to know what else can prevent your MacBook from smooth charging.

Dust and Debris: Check the power socket, charger cord, and charging port if there are dust particles. Dust and debris can block the connection, and clean the dust. If you find any hardware to be damaged you should replace it.

Check Battery Health: Check the battery’s health to know if it needs to be replaced. The performance of the battery depends on limited charge cycles.

Go to the Apple menu, click on System Preferences, Battery.

Reboot: A simple restart of your MacBook may cool down the hardware and help it to get charged. Go to Apple and click restart.

SMC: SMC controls how your MacBook manages power. Resetting the SMC can resolve the battery issues.

Overheating: If your MacBook is excessively hot, it may not charge. Shut down your MacBook and let it cool down.

Battery Not Charged for a Long Time: Without charging Lithium-ion batteries for a long time can severely reduce the capacity and effectiveness of your MacBook battery. It can lead to no charging at all. Try to keep your MacBook plugged in for a full day. If it still doesn’t charge, there is a possibility your MacBook battery is permanently damaged.

Faulty Motherboard: In case the motherboard or a component on the motherboard is damaged, it can prevent your MacBook from charging. It can’t be fixed by the user. Reaching out to Apple Support can be the best option.

If nothing seems to work, then contact Apple Support. They can help you schedule an appointment at the nearest Apple Store or repair provider for MacBook Repair in Delhi. Here’s how to do it. Go to Apple Support, select Mac, startup or power, bring in for repair, log in with your Apple ID and password, type the location, choose your authorized repair provider, select your preferred time slot, and confirm the reservation.

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