Lydie Livolsi’s Interview: Beautiful, Healthy Teeth Equals Happy,Healthy Life

TBN:Today I am so excited to have the wonderful LydieLivolsi joining me  who is seriously one of the sweetest human beings on this planet.
For those who don’t know you, Lydie is the Founder and CEO of Mydentalwig, a Los Angeles County based company that is specialized in making false teeth. From that initial product, she has created an amazing franchise business system, that includes a hybrid layaway/membership/dental saving, and the USA EB-5 InvestorVisa opportunity. That’s fantastic. However, today, we are going to stick on the EB-5 visa, because I believe that many people want to understand how a dental business offers a USA visa green card opportunity. So, Lydie, can you tell us about all that?


Lydie: Hello! Thank you so much for having me today as your guest. I am very thankful.

Well, as you mentioned, My Dental Wig is a multidimensions business system, which means that each level of the  business, from the initial product the Dental Wig, to top level of the EB-5 investor visa, each one is fulfilled through an amount of steps to be scrupulously followed,each level is fulfilled autonomously and all of them are interconnected with the unique goal to deliver high performance. In other words, MyDental Wig is a systemized business in which each individual component is an autonomous system.


TBN: You mean that for example, the manufacturing of My Dental Wig product is an autonomous system. My Dental Wig Franchise is an autonomous system. The Buy Once Smile Forever is an autonomous system. The Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Investor Visa offer is an autonomous system. All together are related, and they make My Dental Wig company a system, am I right?


Lydie:Exactly. You are correct.


TBN: Okay. I see. What exactly do you offer through your Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Investor Visa?

Lydie:The EB-5 Immigrant Investor program is a U.S. visa program under the control of the USCIS(United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). It’s an EMPLOYMENT Based preference created in 1990, that allows foreign investors to invest a certain amount of U.S dollars into a company here in the United States, that will create 10 full time jobs in USA, in exchange of their investment, themselves and their families will be granted with the USA green card.

TBN: So, you mean that If  a foreign investor just invests her/his money like in the stocks market, or buy a house, they won’t be granted with the USA green card?


Lydie: That is correct. The EB-5 visa program is an EMPLOYMENT-Based, not an INVESTMENT– Based. Because investing your money in stocks market or buying a house here in USA does not directly create jobs, therefore, you won’t get the USA green card.


TBN:Wait a minute. I heard that some type of EB-5 Investor Visa claims “indirect jobs”. I’m not familiar with all this, can you explain?


Lydie:To make it simple, there are 2 main EB-5: EB-5 through a Regional Center (RC) and Standalone EB-5 also known as “Direct Investment projects”.

-The Eb-5 through RC: The U.S government allows certain big groups here in the USA that meet certain requirements to be called RC. RCs oversee finding/creating and managing big projects (mostly hundreds of million US dollars real estate) that need many investors (hundreds). The foreign investors do not have control over their money which is managed by the RC. Because they don’t have control, it’s difficult to predict their return on their investment (ROI). Each Eb-5 investor within one project must create 10 full time jobs. In other words, the number of jobs created by a RC project must be 10 times the number of investors involved in that same individual project. Most of the time, the big project is the construction of a hotel.

For example: the construction of 1 hotel in an area with a high unemployment rate here in the USA with Eb-5 money, let’s say costs $180 Million USD. The RC recruit 200 foreign investors who invest $900,000 USD each. This hotel project must create 10 x 200 = 2,000 full time jobs here in USA. Does the construction of a hotel require 2,000 full time jobs? Not always. Therefore, the RC will justify some job’s creation with jobs created by let say for example, the flowers shop, the gifts shop inside the hotel etc. Because these jobs ARE NOT directly created within the construction of the hotel, they are called “indirect jobs”. In cases like this, the total of direct full-time jobs and indirect full-time jobs must be 2,000. If not, all 200 investors won’t get the green card. Remember, it’s one single project (construction of a hotel) with investment coming from 200 foreign investors.

All the above issues make the Eb-5 through RC heavy, long duration process, not transparent at all which can lead to unhappy EB-5 Investor Visa.

-The other one is the Standalone EB-5 Investor Visa, also known as “Direct Investment Projects”.


TBN:wow! That’s interesting. Maybe that’s why, we often heard, “angry Chinese EB-5 Investors Visa complaining because theymust wait for 16 years, before they can get the green card”.


Lydie:Indeed. Because, the hotel must be managedto grow by adding more businesses to generate more jobs until they reach the 2,000 full time jobs even though the construction of the hotel lasted 2 to 3 years.

Host:Can we face this type of issue with the Turnkey Standalone Eb-5 (Direct Investment Projects) that you offer at


Lydie:No. Standalone Eb-5 is also called “Direct investment projects”. It works on theprinciple of 1 foreign investor for 1 project. The investment is directly toward 1 USA company. There is no RC intermediary who manages the project. The business plan is clear, transparent. The 10 full time jobs are listed and scheduled. All these make Stand alone Eb-5 Investor Visa, the most preferred by the USCIS.

TBN: Why the Eb-5 visa investment opportunity offers by My Dental Wig is it a Turnkey?


Lydie: Usually, it takes multiple trips, visits, searches, and costs a lot before making the decision to immigrate in a new country, especially the USA. The Eb-5 is about investing in a US business. So, the foreign investors must search and find the company in which to invest. Obtain and analyze the business plan. Search and find a business location. Search and find a good licensed EB-5 Lawyers etc., all these in English while English is not their primarily language and they are not familiar with USA’s culture. It’s really very challenging, time consuming and costs a lot of money. Within our Turnkey Eb-5 offer, we take care of everything including the funds vetting process. We provide the proper Eb-5 business plan that meets the USCIS’ requirements etc.

We offer a complete, fully loaded Eb-5 Investor Visa, ready for immediate use.

TBN:You said earlier that all parts of My Dental Wig business are autonomous systems, and all are interrelated. How, My Dental Wig’s Turnkey EB-5 Investor Visa is it related to the franchising, for example?

Lydie:great question. In fact, the purchase of each Eb-5 includes few franchises. Which means that, each Eb-5 Investor Visa who buys our Turnkey offer, become My Dental Wig Franchisee, who directly owns few Franchises. This is a great opportunity to own profitable dental businesses in USA without a dental degree. Our Franchise model follows a meticulous process making it an autonomous system

Host: Waoh! That is amazing

Lydie: Yes, indeed, it’s amazing. We make it possible for our Eb-5 foreign investor to become a USA dental business owner.

TBN: how My Dental Wig’s Turnkey Stand alone Eb-5 is it interrelated to itsBuy Once Smile Forever™?

Lydie: Each Franchisee will cover zip code up to 100,000 people. 178 million (more than 50% of Americans are missing at least 1 tooth. Tooth loss is an unstoppable process. Teeth lost don’t grow. We have created our Buy Once Smile Forever™plans where all our clients’ smile care needs including their Dental Wig, are in 1 place and they are delivered to them directly in their home, in exchange of a very low monthly fee. It’s a hybrid made of the best of a financing plan, layaway plan, loyalty plan, membership plan and dental saving plan. Our EB-5 foreign investors locally own certain percentage of the buy once smile forever in purchase zip codes.


TBN: Waoh! It’s a type of funnel

Lydie: yes. It is.

TBN: Okay! How My Dental Wig’sTurnkey Standalone Eb-5 visa is it related to the making the dental wig false teeth?

Lydie:My Dental Wig’s EB-5 investor earns certain percentage of sales of Dental Wig sold within owned zip code. The entire manufacturing of the Dental Wig is a process that includes different steps.

Well, that’s an interesting business model! How can people connect with you socially?

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About the Author: 

Lydie Livolsi, Founder, is the Inventor of the dental impressions kit that allows her to create a systemized business model called My Dental Wig. She is a mother of her son and her daughter, and she lives in Los Angeles County


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