Luxury Made Affordable: Is Kerastase The Best?

Kerastase is one of the most popular hair care brands worldwide. Already for more than 55 years, it has a reputation of a brand which delivers exceptional performance on scalp and hair through exquisite products. It is totally unique by its innovative formula, texture and natural components.

Kerastase’s goal is to satisfy even the most demanding customers in their hair care routine. It believes that luxury should never have to compromise, all products are made to enjoy luxury even staying at home.

In 1964, a new beauty brand Kerastase appeared on the market. It was developed in L’Oreal laboratories. Because of modern scientific research from L’Oréal laboratories, the Kerastase brand stays at the leading position among the world’s manufacturers of professional beauty brands. A huge number of beauty salons around the world use its products. 

Products of this French brand are top in the hair care field and belong to the luxury class. Kerastase shampoos and masks are designed for deep treatment and effective care. Kerastase has a big variety of products for different hair types and has a spesial range for each type, from straight to curly, normal to dry, bleached and natural.

Why is Kerastase the best?

It uses high and innovative technologies to create all products. A special routine of using Kerastase hair care products makes your hair manageable, smooth, shiny and healthy. It works good not only for salone, but for home use as well.

You will achieve the best result by using Kerastase hair care products if you will follow the guidelines. There are usually three stages: cleansing, treatment and styling.

Use Kerastase shampoos for cleansing and scald therapy. Hair and scalp treatment products help hair to grow strong, healthy and shiny. The styling products protect hair from harmful external influences. It is easy to pick your perfect hair care routine with Kerastase due to the big variety of products.

However, Kerastase is committed to the reasonable utilization of materials, the decrease of water squander, and to bringing down its carbon footprint. Nowadays all Kerastase brand items are created in Burgos, Spain manufacturing which has had an impartial carbon footprint regarding its production since 2015.

Kerastase factories are also leading the way in environmental initiatives for reducing and reusing waste, and saving water.

Concerning the energy on the site, these activities likewise permit the manufacturing plant to deliver sufficient energy to control itself, with a limit of 20,000MW of thermal energy every year. As a biomass source, it utilizes 12,000 tons of waste wood from the timberlands of the Castile and Leon areas. The biomass plant is additionally fitted with photovoltaic panels.

All the products are dermatologically tested. Kerastase products are made of natural ingredients with flower extract, full of vitamins and minerals. It is gluten and sulfate free treatment.To order your best hair care products visit our website!