Luxury Apartment Cleaners in Miami

Coming to a cozy home after a hard working day is a wonderful feeling! Doubly pleasant when the house is clean. A team of our professionals will come to the rescue to keep your luxury apartment cleaners and tidy as long as possible.

Shen Cleaning is a cleaning company that has been cleaning houses and offices for 14 years. Skilled workers, reasonable prices, hypoallergenic detergents – you get these advantages in the shortest possible time!

Shen Cleaning employees clean the business facilities with a special approach. After all, they know how important it is to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and warmth for employees, clients and guests.

Years of experience and positive customer reviews speak for themselves: we are professionals.

Types of cleaning

The Shen provides the following types of cleaning in the luxury apartmentt:

  • general cleaning;
  • daily cleaning;
  • cleaning of carpets and furniture;
  • washing floors;
  • washing windows and blinds;
  • disinfection;
  • hypoallergenic cleaning;
  • post construction cleaning;
  • cleaning a new vip and luxury apartment.

You will agree that post construction cleaning of an luxury apartment or relocation is a very unpleasant activity. To avoid this type of cleaning and do something more fun (meeting friends, having lunch at a restaurant, going to the movies), you should contact the Shen cleaning company.

Apartment cleaning includes following rooms:

Thorough cleaning of an luxury apartment means cleaning all rooms:

  • bathrooms;
  • bedrooms;
  • halls;

General cleaning includes:

Shen Cleaning staff thoroughly clean all corners of your home during the general cleaning of the luxury apartment. Namely:

  • Washing the toilet, bathroom, shower cabin, shelves and sink in the bathroom.
  • Washing the tiles and chrome surfaces.
  • Washing and polishing mirrors and mirror surfaces to a shine.
  • Remove the cobweb.
  • Change of bed linen.
  • Vacuum, cleaning the carpets, washing the floor.
  • Wiping dust on all surfaces.
  • Washing the handles and doors.
  • Cleaning the kitchen table tops; washing the stove, oven, hood, sink, microwave oven, cabinets inside and outside.
  • Washing the batteries and windows; washing the air conditioning.

Why choose us

When you are looking for professional cleaning services, you need to be sure to find a team that can accommodate your budget, schedule and preferences. Shen Cleaning is proud to provide thousands of families across the country with the best cleaning services tailored to their specific needs.

Why thousands of customers choose the Shen Cleaning cleaning service every year:

  • The company employees pay close attention to all little things and details in your luxury house. Nothing will remain dusty: including the floor under the sofa, the legs of chairs and tables, blinds and cornices, chandeliers, hoods, sockets and switches.
  • The prices of “Shen Cleaning” were created in such a way that everyone can afford professional cleaning. This is the flexibility of our company. Any service can be replaced, removed or added. This way you personally plan the cleaning of the apartment based on your budget.
  • Another advantage of Shen Cleaning is the unified cleaning system. Each employee is trained in cleaning. Thus, all employees of the company clean professionally and quickly in any corner of the country. This is how the company has formed the image as a responsible contractor and earned a good reputation.
  • An individual approach to each order. By choosing Shen Cleaning, you are choosing a care. Before starting the cleaning, the manager will contact you to discuss all the nuances of the work. So you will definitely be satisfied with the result.
  • Regular cleaning according to your schedule. The best solution is to keep your apartment tidy and cozy not from time to time, but constantly.

Live the way you want and leave the routine to the Shen Cleaning specialists!

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