Lu Heng – An Innovator In The World Of Internet Protocol

The Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number that can be used to identify a computer or other networked device connected to the web or a private network. The abbreviation “IP” refers to the standards that regulate the structure of information transmitted via the internet or a local area network.

IP addresses are the identifier that permits data to be transmitted across a network; they specify a device’s physical location and enable it to interact with other nodes on the network. There must be a method for computers, routers, and webpages to be distinguished from one another on the internet. IP addresses are a fundamental component of the internet that facilitate connectivity.

Since switching between IP addresses is mentally exhausting, it has become an enormous issue for many people all over the world. For example, suppose that a person in the Middle East is freelancing for an American company through a remote setup, but the company is unaware of this; this situation is exhausting for the worker and doesn’t allow for any semblance of flexibility in his role, because the company might not end up working with him if they track his IP address and learn that he’s working from a Middle Eastern country.

Lu Heng, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and technologist, founded LARUS Limited in 2016 to promote flexibility of IP address usage, particularly in the secondary market, so that people would not be bothered by the exhaustion of IP addresses. Many people around the world hold the belief that there should be one unified IP address for everyone in the world. Ultimately, he founded the company to help people all around the world find effective ways to manage their IP addresses. His LARUS Limited company now has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

In order to acquire knowledge in the field of international business and economics, he studied at GRONINGEN University. He took courses in economic theory, business, and policy, as well as banking, finance, fiscal and monetary policy concerns, economic growth and sustainability, and more, all while earning his bachelor’s degree.

He went to study in the Netherlands and eventually established his own company there. He became involved in the RIR community (RIPE NCC) during his time in the Netherlands and frequently traveled to RIR conferences worldwide. In the Netherlands, Heng engaged in deep conversation with the founding RIR founders, who taught him the basics of Internet Governance. At a young age, he went to a RIPE meeting, and over the past decade or so, he has traveled the world and attended nearly every RIR meeting and every ICANN IGF meeting.

In an effort to portray himself as a “global citizen,” Heng founded a number of ISPs and organizations concerned with Internet governance in other countries (something that was also reported by the AP News), yet this is often used as a weapon against him because of his Chinese nationality.

Along the way, he picked up a lot of valuable knowledge from internet pioneers. To raise the youth’s knowledge of Internet governance, he founded the LARUS Foundation later in 2019. The LARUS Foundation has made it one of its primary missions to spread knowledge about internet governance to people all over the world. Over a thousand students from all over the world have been given the opportunity to attend significant Internet events and conferences about Internet Governance thanks to the support of Heng.

Huawei Singapore PTE Ltd. [Citation Needed] and two of the top ISPs in Pakistan nominated Heng for the APNIC EC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre – Executive Council). Heng is currently a member of the advisory boards of and boards for various international charitable organizations. For-profit seat in the Pacific Telecommunications Council representing East Asia in November 2020. (PTC). At this time, Heng’s efforts are concentrated on expanding access to education about internet governance in developing countries.

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