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Huge investments by the governments of various countries for the roll-out of 4G/5G networks to have a positive impact on the growth of LTE testing equipment market. Increasing adoption of IoT and upgradations in LTE testing equipment to drive global market growth

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is expected to continue to develop and be deployed as it is used in wireless technology across the globe. Continuous innovations in LTE include LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro, which support unlicensed frequency bands, wider bandwidths, more carrier aggregation, multi-gigabit data rates, full-dimension MIMO and others.

LTE testing equipment is used to overcome the challenges associated with the implementation. LTE testing equipment conducts various tests such as carrier test, battery test, OTA test, field test and conformance test. Also, LTE testing equipment performs the validation and optimisation of solutions to enhance the performance and lifespan of solutions.

LTE testing equipment performs carrier tests for evaluating receiver diversity, beam forming, spatial multiplexing, wideband signal analysis and others as well as battery tests that require an emulated wireless link and network to perform realistic use-case analysis for the performance of carrier acceptance testing, network emulation and channel emulation.

LTE testing equipment provides an OTA test for protocol handshaking, channel modelling, UE emulation and network emulation. Moreover, LTE testing equipment also performs conformance test for testing the RRM, RF, signalling functionality and performance as per 3GPP & GCF standards.

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Initiatives by Governments for the Launch of 4G/5G Projects

Government of various regions are making huge investments for the roll-out of 4G/5G networks and these factors have a positive impact on the growth of LTE testing equipment market. For instance, South Korea has the highest penetration of LTE network around 97% in 2017. Telecommunication companies in South Korea are adopting LTE testing equipment for the test and measurement of LTE in multiple devices. The rapid roll-out of LTE network is expected to create high demand for LTE testing equipment worldwide. For instance –

  • In September 2017, SK Telecom, wireless carrier in South Korea, expanded its LTE technology to 75 cities and 31 countries in Korea. SK Telecom provided a network with speed between 700 Mbps to 900 Mbps. These developments are creating high demand for LTE testing equipment and significantly contributing to the growth of the LTE testing equipment market.

Increasing Demand for LTE Testing Equipment from Telecommunication Service Providers

Increase in the global adoption of smartphones is leading to a rapid increase in data traffic, which is increasing the strain on the communication infrastructure. These factors are encouraging service producers across the world to upgrade to LTE networks to ensure the capacity and coverage to meet consumer requirements at affordable costs, which is boosting the demand for LTE testing equipment among telecommunication service providers.

The telecommunication service providers segment of the LTE testing equipment market is expected to capture a significant market share of the global LTE testing equipment market during the forecast period.

  • For instance, in February 2018, VNL Limited announced the launch of a 4G LTE network in rural India. Under the ‘Make in India’ scheme, the telecom equipment manufacturer will provide LTE products with seamless connectivity at a low price.

These developments are expected to fuel the demand for LTE testing equipment in India during the forecast period.

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Increasing Adoption of IoT and Upgradations in LTE Testing Equipment

Increase in spending on research and development is a key factor driving the LTE testing equipment market. Furthermore, the high adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) will create potential growth opportunities for the LTE testing equipment market during the forecast period.

The rapid development of IoT is resulting in the integration of a vast network of smart cellular-connected machines and devices, which has resulted in the emergence of a wide range of new connectivity options that are influencing the growth of the global LTE testing equipment market.

  • In June 2016, Qualcomm Technologies announced that it has secured over 100 designs of modems especially for the IOT concept, which also aids in the evolution of the LTE technology to get transformed into a unified, scalable IOT platform, and helps address connectivity and power challenges (as it provides long battery backup) in a wide range of applications that include industrial design, smart cities and commercial applications. These advancements and applications are expected to drive the global LTE testing equipment market.

Increasing Adoption of Smartphones in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan

The LTE testing equipment market in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) is expected to dominate the global LTE testing equipment market owing to the increasing adoption of smartphones and the increasing demand for high-speed Internet. The developing countries of MEA are also expected to capture a substantial share of the global LTE testing equipment market owing to the growing infrastructure in the region.

As per FMI analysis, partnerships between telecom providers & device manufacturers and advancements in LTE testing equipment are among factors that are likely to increase revenue, which is expected to enable the manufacturers of LTE testing equipment to reach new growth markets.

Some of the market participants in the global LTE testing equipment market report include ROHDE&SCHWARZ; Anritsu; Agilent Technologies, Inc.; Spirent Communications; Aeroflex Inc.; Anite; Ixia; IDSU; EXFO; TEKTRONIX, INC.; Dana Ter; Fluke Corporation; Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. and Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Companies such as EXFO and Ixia are expected to increase their share in the LTE testing equipment market by expanding their product portfolio with technologically advanced LTE testing equipment.

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  • Carrier Test
  • Battery Test
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