Low Maintenance Gardens On A Budget

Maybe you’ve decided to take upon gardening because your neighbours garden looks fantastic. But you might be shocked that she didn’t even break the bank to achieve that. Turning your space into a garden is an art that requires attention to simple detailing and little creativity here and there. Whether you have a small or large space, you could transform it into a place for you to relax and breathe in the fresh air of nature. 

We have collected some great gardening ideas you’ll love, and the good news is that it is budget-friendly. You might even have some of these materials lying around unused in your garage. Here are the tips;

1. Grow plants in containers; container gardening is ideal for a small outdoor area. Containers of blooming flowers can be placed around the perimeter of your home or placed on patios and your balconies. With your plants in containers, monitoring them will be easy for you and you can be able to change their location anytime and with ease. After all, all you have to do is to move them around. 

2. Stylish Pot Planters; gardening is about paying attention to little details and getting it right. Pot planters come in various designs. By opting for a stylish one, it means you are conscious of adding beauty and style to your garden. And this conscious effort will surely add that fascination to your garden.

3. Make your Garden Colorful; read on, I wasn’t planning on telling you to paint your flowers to look colourful, no way! But this is what I meant, plant the ageratum or Flossflower for a pink, blue or white colour, or the aconite for its yellow and attractive colour. The aster which comes in varieties of colours from indigo to violet to pink or red is highly attractive to butterflies. These flowers will surely add colour to your garden and create that ecstatic feeling. As long as you tend to them well, they will blossom and keep your garden looking great.

4. Make a Pathway; remember that you wouldn’t like stepping on your flowers and messing up your garden area. To avoid this, you can set up pathways to make your way around the garden. Non screwed composite decking flooring can do this job for you. By non-screwed, we mean laying the decks with normal hidden fasteners. With their durability and resistance to wear and tear, arranging them creatively to form a beautiful pattern will surely add a touch of beauty to your garden.

5. Put those old Crates into Use; those crates you think have no use, and you have been contemplating when to get rid of them have finally come in handy. Set the crates upturned and stack them together to a wall. Next, get a twine or any other fasteners and secure them so that they do not fall.

With the upturned crates, you are ready to put them to good use. The upturned crates can be used for storage. I don’t have to tell you what to store there, but if I must, I’ll say you can store your garden boots and gloves: some garden plots and even seeds in a jar. 

6. A Pace to Cool off; you do need a break from your gardening activity, and if you are not done yet, you can’t race into the house every minute to cool off. Have composite decking installed and transform that area into a place for you to take a break. If there is no shade, you can set it up with an umbrella or hang a canopy. Make it comfortable with cushion and other accessories.

7. Set up a Firepit; a firepit will draw attention to itself. Having a fire pit right there in your garden will award you with something to look forward to after the day’s activity in winter. Spending time there by simply watching the fire burn with your family will always be fascinating aside from the beauty it adds to your environment.


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