Possible Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Challenges & Its Resolution

If you are on the verge to switch the default Lotus Notes email application to Office 365. Then, there are a couple of migration challenges, which are to be known before initiating the data migration. Users need to accurately plan the migration before without hampering the work efficiency of the organization.

“Our organization, which consists of more than 330+ employees were using IBM Notes application. Due to some immediate organizational requirements, the firm has decided availing Office 365 from Lotus Notes. As we need to perform bulk Lotus Notes file migration to Office 365, please suggest some adequate solution. Also, what are the possible Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration challenges? Earnestly waiting for an immediate response!”

Foremost Reasons Behind IBM Notes to Office 365 Migration

Listed below are some of the reasons behind migrating from Lotus Notes to O365. Let’s check out each one of them in detail.

  • Unlike IBM Notes, Microsoft Office 365 offers simplified user interface enabling novice users to effortlessly avail the application
  • Overall installation and maintenance cost in Office 365 is less in comparison with IBM Notes
  • MS Office 365 offers enterprise-oriented features, which is frequently upgraded
  • Office 365 is incorporated with various functionalities such as MS Office suite, SharePoint, Exchange server, etc.
  • Office 365 being a cloud-based suite, users can smoothly store the data over the cloud without any limit
  • MS Office 365 offers multiple subscription plans wherein one can choose the desired plan as per their interest

Possible Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Challenges

Before performing the migration of Lotus Notes mailboxes to O365, one needs to know all possible migration challenges as furnished below.

  • Email Migration: Emails are one of the most important mailbox items, which consists of crucial information. In case of an occurrence of downtime or outage, it might hamper the complete organizational workflow. Therefore, it is important that both the applications need to work collaboratively with proper coordination. Moreover, to perform the migration of email attachments, the email routing must be planned accurately.
  • Exporting Contacts & Calendars: Besides migrating Lotus Notes emails, other data items such as contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. must be transferred to the destination Office 365 account without any loss of data.
  • Intrusion of Virus: There is always a chance of virus attack, which leads to Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration challenges. To overcome this, it is suggested to avail trustworthy automated solution. It will ensure that no virus or malware is attacked while performing the data migration.
  • Low Bandwidth: To migrate multiple IBM Notes mailboxes to O365 with low bandwidth. Then, the situation often becomes troublesome as it leads to lengthy yet time-consuming on-premise to cloud migration.
  • Data Security: Another concerning question is whether the data migrated to the cloud is safe. MS Office is one of the safest cloud platform, which is flexible and agile. It offers numerous data security options wherein the data is thoroughly safeguarded without giving data accessibility to third-person.

Suggested Tip!

Knowing the different Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration challenges. It is pretty obvious that users are on a hunt finding the proven migration tool. Well, using IMAP connector, users can perform IBM Notes to O365 data migration manually. However, it imposes a couple of shortcomings, which can lead to a nightmare situation.
Mitigating all the challenges wisely, it is recommended to avail SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software. It is an all-rounder tool offering countless features to migrate NSF emails, contacts & calendars to Office 365.

Final Thoughts

There has been a drastic increase in the number of users migrating from IBM Notes to O365. Well, it is important to know various Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration challenges before implementing the migration.
This blog has highlighted different challenges, which can be commonly encountered while migrating NSF files to Office 365. Along with that, a proven and efficient migrator tool overcoming all the challenges has been stated in this write-up.