LOTS AND SPACES: 5 Benefits of Clear Line Markings on Parking Areas

Painted symbols, images, words on roads are part of what you call “line markings”. They help guide traffic and prevent safety on the road. They are written and drawn on the road itself, on the “floor”, and they serve a huge purpose for people, especially for drivers of all vehicle types and sizes. 

Line markings are already helpful enough as they are, but there are times when it becomes hard to understand their meanings. One of the top reasons is that overtime, the thermoplastic paint wears out. That is due to certain elements these line markings get exposed to and with, plus inevitably and naturally, with countless wheels, feet and more that steps on them, they surely will not last clear and there forever.

Obviously, when they get erased or difficult to comprehend, they can cause problems with regards to organization and safety on the road. In order for line markings to convey their meanings properly, they have to be comprehensible and smart-looking; otherwise people might not understand and might get in trouble. To discuss more about the importance of clear line markings, below are 5 benefits of them, but this time the main subject is them being in parking areas!

[1] Proper Alignment

In order to maintain organization of cars in parking lots, there should be lines that signify the spaces made available for all vehicles. One slot is made for one vehicle. The space is designed for a vehicle to have more space than its size.

Line markings in parking lots help drivers to observe proper alignment. If you don’t park your car straight, the next car that will arrive and park beside yours will have a hard time. Worse, he/she will not be able to park there. No other car will be able to do so because if they do, they might bump into your car. Proper alignment is needed not only to prove that as a driver, you have great parking skills, but most especially, to leave space for cars to park beside you. On the other hand, if you are the next arriving car, those line markings will help you safely park your car aligning well, not harming other vehicles around.

Parking a car is one of the most challenging things to learn as a driver. When these line markings are followed, each car parked on its respective space will have good distance from others. That prevents accidental scratches and damages to each other’s vehicles. 

Additionally, following these lines aligns the look of the positions of the vehicles, making them look uniform and neat. It prevents confusion.

[2] Car Designations

Proper, easy-to-comprehend and non-confusing line markings provide the drivers information on where to park their cars. 

Multi storey parking areas have these parts where the ceilings are lower than other levels of the building. Because of that, there are parking slots allowed only for smaller or shorter vehicles. Line markings can also help indicate that information. 

For outdoor and open-area parking spaces, sometimes, there are specific car designations also as required by the owner of the parking area. For slots made ready for cars and standard vehicles, line markings are not as much as if there has to be something specified. Meanwhile, line markings on the floor for trucks, for motorcycles, for bicycles are paid more attention to since they are different vehicle types. 

The clear line markings guide the drivers and their vehicles to their proper designations, thus, destinations in the parking area regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors. They provide useful information to direct the drivers to their respective places without causing trouble in the parking lot.

[3]  Directions 

One of the most usual functions of having line markings is to provide direction. Clarity of line markings makes the parking area easy to understand and to navigate right off the bat. 

Arrow line markings in the parking lot direct you to places that you’re supposed to go to. You will know whether the direction you are taking is improper or not because of the arrows that point to the direction cars must follow. These arrows are to be paid more attention for parking lots with one-way rules.

In order to prevent the chances of you bumping and going in the opposing direction of another car, clear arrow line markings make sure that doesn’t happen. There are also instances where the drivers of vehicles get lost and don’t know where to turn to, whether they are trying to go in the parking lot or go out. That is why there are signs that specifically tell you if it is a one way only road, a road towards the exit or the entrance, and many more that point you to the proper places in the parking lot that you need and want to be in.

[4] Accident Avoidance

Since clear line markings are there to maintain order, people using the parking lot need to follow and cooperate with the information that the lines are conveying. This is to prevent potential damage and problems in the parking area. 

If you don’t follow line markings, you will most likely end up lost, confused, probably increasing the chances of obstructing the roadways in the parking lot. You might get into misunderstandings with hot-headed drivers. 

Worst case scenario, you might run over people or bump into cars, end up being sued, pay for the damage and other bad situations you do not want to be in. Clear line markings and the cooperation of the people in the parking lot area ensure the safety of everyone in the place.

[5] Maximized Parking Capacity

If the line markings are followed properly, it will ensure maximum usage of space available for parking. This allows many vehicles to be in the parking area to be properly aligned and ordered. This gives plenty of parking space for people.

Also, for businesses having parking spaces for customers, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to welcome and accommodate more guests with vehicles. That obviously means more profit.



Clear line markings in parking areas of all kinds, sizes and styles are crucial. They do a lot to how drivers and common people use the parking space. To solve ineffective line markings due to erasures and wearing out, proper maintenance is a must. Repainting the line markings needs to be done when they already become faded and confusing. Clarity is not to be taken lightly in parking line markings. It does more than you could ever think.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She is a daytime writer for Avante Linemarking, a company providing a vast range of pavement markings and related products to the Road and Construction Industry. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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