Lost Mary Vape: Best Disposable 600 Puff Vape Device.

In recent years, the vaping industry has witnessed a significant shift in preferences among vape enthusiasts, and one trend that has taken center stage is the rise of disposable vapes. These contemporary devices have gained popularity rapidly, facilitating vapers as a convenient and fuss-free alternative to traditional e-cigarettes. With their compact design, pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, and seamless operation, they have become the go-to choice for every vaper. 

Since they also offer an extensive range of e-liquid flavors that cater to diverse palates. From classic tobacco and refreshing menthol to indulgent dessert flavors, the options are limitless, letting vapers tailor their experience to their unique tastes.

This article covers all the aspects of one of the most high-in-demand vapes, which are Lost Mary vapes that will be your ultimate choice for several reasons. So, without further ado. Let’s get straight into it. 

Lost Mary Vape

It’s a disposable single-use device with pre-filled e-liquid (containing different flavors) connecting a small, efficient battery that gives it power and helps generate puffs. Their design is unique and handy and can easily be kept in a pocket. Due to its compact size and portability, it’s the ideal choice for youngsters. 

Lost Mary vape come up with 2ml of 2mg high-quality nicotine salt e-liquid with the integration of the latest mesh technology, which provides a pleasing and smooth throat hit. 

Interestingly, this also features the vape inhale-activated technology, which is why there are no menus or navigation buttons to use the device. All you need to do is, inhale through the mouthpiece, activate the device, and generate a significant amount of MLT vapor that seems a great alternative to cigarettes. 

Remember, e-cigarettes are disposable, and as per their puff limits, they become useless, and you need to dispose of them as they are finished. Now, it depends on your frequency of usage, but on average, they usually last one to two days. 

Highlighted Specifications

Liquid Capacity 


Battery Size 



20 mg (2pc) specialized nicotine salt e-liquid

Puff Count 


Available Flavors


Things You Get in The Lost Mary Vape Box. 

The following are parts where you get out of the box to enjoy the device’s utility and learn about its usage. 

A built-in efficient battery: A 550 mAH capacity battery is pre-charged and comes out of the box. You don’t need to recharge it to use the device. To get to know about the charging levels of the battery, the light begins to blink, located on the end of the vape. That’s primarily an indicator that the battery is running out of charge, and you have to replace the vape. 

E-liquid: The main idea behind these devices is to provide the user with an instant satisfying feel of nicotine to users. That’s why nicotine salt is used to get higher strength without harsh throat hits. This offers a relaxing and gratifying inhale that closely replicates the sensation of a conventional cigarette. 

Mouthpiece: You also get a mouthpiece as the outer casing that forms a drip tip at the end of the vape bar. That’s where you place your lips and inhale. The lip placement is rounded and provides extra comfort. 

Atomizer Coil: The coil serves as the heating element within the device. It has a layer of cotton wrapped around it, which acts as a wicking material to deliver e-liquid to the heating element. 

When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the coil heats the e-liquid, producing vapor. Disposable vapes use low-resistance coils to provide a mouth-to-lung inhale, closely simulating the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette with low to medium vapor cloud production.

Who are the ideal users of Lost Mary Vapes?

Well, the simple answer is these vapes are disposable and a great choice for beginner vapers who don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes and spend less for their pleasing moments. 

Since there are no buttons or complex navigation that they should be familiar with. So, without dealing with any hassle, beginner vapers can leverage it and use it well. All they have to do is unbox the device and remove the rubber bung and sticker from the base to start enjoying vaping. 

Is there any maintenance you should take care of for the vapes?

To be honest, they are made for enjoyment. There is literally zero maintenance that you will have to do. Since neither, you can’t refill the e-liquid nor recharge the battery. There are different puff limits for each vaping device; once passed the limit, they are disposed of.

Additionally, they aren’t that expensive compared to conventional vape devices. So, keep in mind that it’s maintenance-free and lets you enjoy the vape at the utmost level on a low budget. 


If you just started vaping, buying Lost Mary Vapers is a good choice. Since they are low maintenance and are available at low costs, you can now enjoy your vaping experience without any hassle. 

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