Los Angeles Event ‘818 McMagical Giveback’ Presented by Andrew Marroquin of McMarro Restaurants

Hollywood has a new event coming up, and it’s a free one. On December 18th between 12-4 pm promoter Concrete is presenting a charity event with Andrew Marroquin (McMarro Restaurants) called ‘818 McMagical Giveback’.

This is a free-to-attend charity event providing tons of giveaway opportunities including some prizes such as backpacks, free haircuts., etc. There will also be live entertainment from notorieties MC Magic, DJ Cheatos, Mia Mei, and Loomis.

818 McMagical Giveback is an important part of LA Culture due to one simple purpose, giving back. McMarro Restaurants believes about helping the community, and reminding one and other that with growth and winning, comes supporting the ones around you as well. In such a busy city, tons of traffic, and 24/7 workers, we all deserve a break, especially during Christmas time. This is why Andrew Marroquin brings to you ‘818 McMagical Giveback’.

Andrew Marroquin is the President and CEO of McMarro Family Restaurants (McDonalds).  One of the largest Mexican-American owned franchisees in the McDonald’s system. Son of immigrants and graduate of UCLA with a degree in International Development Studies.  Out of college, Andrew started as a crew member In McDonald’s and learned the business and was accepted in the McDonald’s Owner-Operator program. Andrew has been instrumental in growing the family business as well as the family’s real estate holdings. Andrew loves spending time with his family and is passionate about giving back to his community in particular the Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley.

Connect with McMarro Restaurants and show your support at the event!

Instagram – https://instagram.com/mcdonaldswestcoast

McMarro Family Restaurants – http://www.chasingyourdreams.org/