Let’s get to know Lorraine Chen

First of all, if you do not know who Lorraine Chen is then let me tell you she is a multi millionaire entrepreneur and runs multiple successful 6-7 figures Shopify dropshipping stores. She used to work in a small tea shop and decided to pursue entrepreneurship full time. 

And you can pretty much say that she has cracked the code on how to run successful Shopify dropshipping stores. Her first dropshipping store did well over $1M in sales.

Some of her videos do have some decent information in, but she often overloads every single video that she makes with a ton of affiliate links, which is not a bad thing provided the product is worth the investment.

I wouldn’t say that her content is unique, and it will be the same sort of things that you have heard before when researching dropshipping and eCommerce. Thankfully none of it is content that is there to make a ‘quick buck’. This business does take time and only a fake guru would tell you otherwise.

While she isn’t a top YouTuber, her videos do have high production values, and I can see that there are some people who will get value from her content. It has meaningful and easily understandable ideas that can help anyone who watches it.

Why was Lorraine successful with her stores and what most people do?

One thing that I noticed, she wasn’t profitable from the start while running Facebook ads, she had to spend money without being profitable for quite a few days. Now, most people quit at this time and lose hope when they see that they’re spending money and not getting any return back. Lorraine didn’t stop running the ads when she saw that her ads weren’t performing well initially.

Most people in such a scenario would say that they’re at a loss and not getting anything from spending the money and would quit or move on to the next product. Well, here’s where the mindset of Lorraine comes into the play, she believes that initially, you need to purchase data by spending money on Facebook ads. Later on, she was able to take the same store to 7 figures with a good profit margin, and yes the product was pretty saturated. She also talks about how she fought with the ad inconsistencies and ad performance issues that she kept facing in between.

Her calm and non-aggressive approach was instantly liked by the dropshipping community which up until then, was flooded with aggressive marketers trying to sell their courses to naive individuals.

And Lorraine quickly rose to become one of the best known dropshipping gurus out there.

Her dropshipping course has helped many entrepreneurs chase their dreams and finally become financially free just like her.

What Is Lorraine Chen’s Net Worth?

Whenever someone becomes a public figure, people start googling their net worths. Especially if that person is making videos about making money online.

After all, people want to know if public figures like Lorraine Chen are legit.

The truth is, nobody knows how much Lorraine is worth but herself.

From her many stores and the screenshots she shared, we can be certain that Lorraine is doing very well for herself.

Is Lorraine Chen a Scam?

First thing is when you decide to take this path in life you need to be a self-starter, motivated and be able to make decisions on your own. That is just entrepreneurship, you are the boss and must lead. It’s not for everyone. I can say I have excelled in this program. This gave me the right pieces to move in the direction of business ownership. I think that people who may be writing negative reviews on the program are looking to be told everything to do step by step and while yes it does give you a lot of step by step instructions, there is no way for it to cover every mold, scenario or problem that may arise in your own business venture. You have to have the mindset to switch from having your hand held to leading. Expecting the program to tell you every single thing to do is not being in charge, that’s being an employee.

This program will give you the right framework and a great start into eCommerce but, it is up to you to take it from there. I am now looking at opening my second store, taking on inventory and building brands. I was also able to develop wonderful connections in this program and now work to manufacture my own products. Again, you must be a go-getter, fearless and willing to put yourself out there. If this seems like too much then this program is likely not for you. If this seems exciting, then this program could be life changing.

Lorraine Chen is not a scam. She is a famous entrepreneur and dropshipper.The course doesn’t teach any black hacks which might get you into trouble.That said, the course content isn’t unique and if you might already have heard similar things on other blogs or YouTube videos.

Her website gives away a ton of great value as well. 

Lastly, I like that Lorraine Chen doesn’t try to sell the lifestyle. She mainly sticks to training and doesn’t show off their rented cars or have pictures of them getting on private planes or anything like that. 

I would say that people that write reviews here about this, claiming that it’s a scam, never actually bought the product or just didn’t have what it takes to become an entrepreneur anyway. Most people are just not made to be entrepreneurs, pure fact. So don’t blame others for your failures in life. In the end, it’s all up to You if you want to make it.

I would encourage everyone that’s serious about dropshipping to look into Lorraine’s Course. There really aren’t many alternatives out there that are on the same level. It covers more than you need to get started with your business.