Looking for the right aesthetics clinic

Finding the right clinic takes a bit of time and effort to do independent research. But the overall result means you get the best cosmetic treatments and results too. All of this will take time but be so worth it too. The very first step in looking for an aesthetic treatment practitioner should be checking their work to date. Also to see what they will be able to do for you too. Just be sure to take your time.

How these services work in the UK

So there are tonnes of people out there who claim to be able to do Botox. Also for fillers and all sorts of other aesthetic treatments in London. But it’s really important to know whether or not they are actually qualified to perform them. As scary as it sounds, there’s no regulation around injectables in the UK as of yet. So this means you or I could just go out and buy and inject filler.

Safety is key. So, when you’re looking for an aesthetic practitioner in London, you’ll want to make sure they are medically qualified. A doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist prescriber – so you can be sure they know all about anatomy. Also of the complications that can sometimes occur with treatments.

Trust is such a big deal and vital

When it comes to selecting an aesthetic practitioner, one of the most important things to think about is trust. The best way to get a feel for whether you trust a practitioner is to meet them – whether that’s a phone call, or a face to face or online consultation. This way, you’ll be able to assess whether they are right for you. Take note of that gut feeling. Trust is crucial in aesthetics because, while most aesthetic practitioners are in it for the love of helping people, there are still some unscrupulous ones out there who will look to upsell treatments that you hadn’t even considered. Have a chat with a practitioner and explain your key areas of concern. If you get a bad vibe, look elsewhere.

If a practitioner says ‘no’ to a treatment you’re looking to get, listen to their reasons and trust that it’s for your own good. For example, if you already have a lot of filler in your lips, a good aesthetic practitioner will assess it and see whether you actually need any more. If you don’t, they’ll likely tell you so, and that’s for your own safety. You want to feel comfortable and confident throughout the treatment journey, and a good practitioner will want you to feel that too.

The need for insurance to be covered in

You’d make sure you had home and car insurance, right? This protects you from any mishaps that might happen. Well, you also want to make sure your aesthetic practitioner has the right insurance in the (unlikely) event that anything goes wrong during your treatment. If it’s not clear from a practitioner’s website (some clearly state that they have it), ask them. Medical Malpractice cover is a must! You want to know that not only are you in safe hands but they’re insured hands too.


When it comes back to it all, you should never go to an aesthetic practitioner without a medical qualification. While in the UK, Botox and dermal fillers can be administered by individuals without training or qualifications, and without using brand name fillers. Beware of these budget treatments. Injectables are still a medical procedure, and should be carried out in a safe, sterile and quiet environment by a fully trained doctor or nurse.