Looking for the best pizza in NY,MA ? Our guide to eating out in the Swedish capital.

New Jersey is known for its pizza. Although some other states may hate to admit it that best pizza in NY is NY pizza. Hey, New York.

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza. With that gooey, melted cheese dangling off of that fresh slice you just pulled from the box? Or maybe a tomato pie devoid of cheese? (nope, not me)

A team of Washington Post reporters compiled The Best Pizza in ny pizza mansfield . Region-by-Region and then mapped out the best of each regional best pizza in NY.

And South Jersey? Well represented.

How did the team of reporters put this list together?

“We analyzed 7.5 million Yelp reviews and developed a formula to identify the best regional pizza styles in each state. They wrote in the Aug. 31 story, where reporters looked at five regional styles . New York, Chicago, Detroit, New Haven and Neapolitan — to find, “the country’s best pizzas.”

Out of the more than 85,000 independent and small-chain restaurants reviewed, South Jersey had five pizza shops make the list for the state – three in Sicilian and two under the New York style category. Pete’s Pizza and Kate & Al’s Pizza, both at Columbus Market, and Gallery Pizza in Erial, made the cut under Best Sicilian, with Pete’s Pizza No. 1, Gallery coming in at 3 and Kate & Al’s sixth. And under the New York style category, Roma Pizza in Ocean City was tops in the region, while Scotto Pizza in Marlton was third.

“We created our own national directory of pizza styles by asking Yelp to search more than 85,000 independent and small-chain restaurants for reviews that mentioned 35 styles,” the article said. “We only considered pizzerias that had at least 25 reviews and where a substantial share mentioned the pizza style in question.”

Two pizza shops at the Columbus Market got a slice of the pie

It’s well known in South Jersey that there are top-tier pizzerias at Columbus Market in Burlington County.

Now much of the country will know this, too.

A Sicilian pie at Pete's Pizza in Columbus.

Pete’s Pizza has been visited by countless bloggers, vloggers and more, which usually give the best pizza in NY rave reviews. It has over 10,000 likes on its Facebook page.

The page says Pete’s offers old-fashioned tomato pies and the pictures also tell the story.

Kate & Al’s says it’s been in business for over 57 years, “delivering the best tomato pie around.” Like Pete’s Pizza, they made the list for Best Sicilian.

Try it, you might like it.

The address is 2919 Route 206 for both.

Jersey Shore makes the list

Roma Pizza in Ocean City finished No. 1 in New Jersey in New York style


The family-owned and operated pizzeria has operated for over four decades in Ocean City, according to its Facebook page.

Known for its Sicilian pizza, it also serves pizza cones, stromboli, calzones near me  and more.

It’s located at 221 North Main St Mansfield, MA 02048

The pizzeria serves, of course, pizza, subs, steaks and salads, and came in with the No. 3 spot in theNY pizza category in the region.

The shop serves the Erial, Blackwood, Sicklerville, Pine Hill and Clementon area, but customers come from all over.

Its website says it has served the community for over 40 years.

Scotto Pizza in Marlton makes it for New York style

The pizzeria, located in Crispin Square, offers a variety of specialty pies, wraps, calzones, soups, burgers, pasta, hoagies and wings.

Scotto made the Washington Post list, however, for its New York style pizza.

They call it Brooklyn-style pizza on their menu and best sweet shops. The “Brooklyn” is a square 16’’ pan of thin crispy crust, Margherita sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil. The Roman (in red or white) has mozzarella cheese, zucchini, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, mushrooms, pesto and sprinkled oregano.