Looking for property to buy in Croatia? First, choose the region

Croatia’s real estate market has become more attractive for foreigners. This is evidenced by the number of investors who are looking for properties for sale in Croatia. The best thing is that Croatia has many very different regions to choose from:

  1. Eastern Croatia – Slavonia and Baranja

Slavonia contains the majority of inland eastern Croatia and was also once its own kingdom. If you’re looking for a peaceful property with a lot of fertile lands to grow your own food, Slavonia has your back. The region is distinctively flat with a lot of thick forests. It’s well known for its wines and other agricultural products. Due to its location (not on the coast), it’s still undiscovered by tourists, and that has preserved its unique character and traditions.

  1. Central Croatia

Central Croatia includes northern Croatia, the capital city, and mountainous Croatia. It’s the most diverse region in the country, so there are a lot of options to find the perfect property for sale in Croatia. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful piece of land surrounded by nature or an urban center, you can find it in Central Croatia.

  1.  Northern coast – Istria and Kvarner

Istria is a Croatian region in the southeast that offers a wide range of experiences, from spectacular landscapes with vineyards and olive groves to the endless blue of the sea. Foreign purchasers are drawn to the Istrian peninsula because of its stunning coastline and closeness to major European nations. 

  1.  Southern Croatia – Dalmatia

Dalmatia is the most popular Croatian region among tourists. With a mountainous Dinaric range, beautiful pebble and sand beaches perfect for throwing beach parties, numerous castles, and picturesque islands, Dalmatia is Croatia’s most diversified and exciting region. The climate in this gorgeous region is a classic Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and pleasant winters.

What do you think, which Croatian region is the best?