Looking for Investments in the Blockchain Space? MarketPeak is the Right Place for All the Investors and Companies

In this dynamic world, digitalization has taken over everything. Almost every sector has taken the digital route. Even the investments have become virtual as there are digital assets in the form of cryptocurrencies. It is a form of investment which happens online. With cryptocurrency, the fintech sector has also become important as a lot of people are investing in the decentralized currency into the projects of the fintech sector. Dubai´sleading company MarketPeak is one investment platform for fintech projects and products that offers rewards to the community with the help of tokenized assets. With years of experience in fintech and online entrepreneurship, founder Sergej Heck established this company in May 2019. The company analyses the problems in the fintech industry and develops innovative solutions for buyers, investors and other companies.


The community projects and products offered by MarketPeak are accessible to large investors. The investment platform has got its own cryptocurrency named PEAK based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ERC20 token is a currency for MarketPeak’s decentralised platform. Offering customers to invest in the best fintech products and services, Sergej’s company has enabled participants to earn maximum profits through tokenized assets. Any customer, investor or a company for that matter can make profits through these projects. All it requires is free registration on the MarketPeak website to get an overview of the assets. The investment platform through precheck has ensured that all the companies listed on the website are reliable and of the best value.


However, there are a few problems faced by individual investors and companies. The investors often have the problem of getting access to exclusive prices and conditions. Also, they do not know how to evaluate a project. On the other hand, the companies who want to invest in the fintech projects are outcasted because of its poor marketing. Sergej’s firm has brought both parties together thus creating the greatest value for both investors and companies. For companies, they are entitled to send a non-binding request for a listing. After proper analysis, MarketPeak grants the company for listing with contract and all the conditions. Today there are more than 20,000 investors and companies who are registered on the MarketPeak website. One simple rule about how MarketPeak works is its higher profit margin for the investors.


The members receive a half of a company’s profits if they have invested in a project from the company. It can happen if the investors get early access to a project. During this process, multiple quality checks are carried and published on the website accessible to the investors. The lucky members get an opportunity to receive exclusive discounts for individual projects through the Peak token. One of the best and unique features of this global digital platform is that the investors are given proper training in the form of professional crypto-blockchain schooling. The investors are not only educated about the cryptocurrency and blockchain but are also made aware of the scams revolving around it. The future plan is to offer high-end educational courses in different languages including German, Russian, Spanish and many other languages.


Sergej Heck’s main vision has been to create a decentralised currency. For that, the company is developing a platform called PeakDeFi.com which will be released by the end of this year. “We want to offer all investors a decentralised platform for funds”, said Sergej. In addition to it, MarketPeak is also developing a wallet app that the members can conveniently connect to their ERC20 wallet. The company is targeting to bring 50,000 active users for the app by the end of the year. To educate the investors, Sergej has also got two blogs with an approximate 600,000 visitors in a month. The blogs deal with topics about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With a professional team, MarketPeak has been putting consistent efforts to develop decentralized solutions for investors as well as for companies.