Looking for an SEO agency in Bath

SEO agencies provide a suite of search engine optimisation services that help boost keyword rankings on Google and other search engines, improving visibility. It really is the best digital service you can invest in. It can make no end of a difference to any business. Also, it can help you grow your business in a whole new and massive way too, also. Search engine optimization is currently one of the most popular marketing strategies in the world. With its low cost of entry, the huge potential for getting found is what pulls people back to this key and massive channel time and time again.

A quick overview

Nowadays, it all starts with a search. Year on year, online searches are continuing to shape the way we do business. This is representing an ever-greater share of both B2B and B2C transactions. Whether you’re a small business looking to convert local web traffic into footfall, a niche service provider trying to find your audience or a large corporation that needs to stay ahead of the market, investing in SEO services at an SEO Agency in Bath stopped being optional in the struggle to remain competitive a long time ago – it is now a marketing fundamental.

What you need to know

An SEO agency is a specialist marketing agency focused on increasing the visibility of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO combines elements of programming, web development, content marketing and digital PR. This is all to win the trust of search engines. Also to push your website up the rankings and attract qualified inbound leads.

It is key you are able to measure your results

There’s a bit of a misconception with SEO that the ultimate objective is to increase rankings. This is obviously one of the objectives, but ‘increase rankings’ is vague and ultimately gainless on its own. Peaking at 42 on SERPs when you previously weren’t even being indexed is an increase. But you still won’t be deriving any value from it. SEO agencies track a variety of metrics to evidence the value of their services over time.


SEO is more often than not a team effort, with a diversity of separate skill sets across content writing, technical SEO and PR required. Unless you’re building a complete in-house team, you’re asking one person to do the job of at least three people. This not only puts them at a higher risk of burnout. It also increases the likelihood of human error. Also, it leaves very little time for upskilling and networking. These are both a crucial part of working in SEO’s fast-changing playing field.