Looking for a Sponsor for your Business? Check this!

Dubai, located at the coast of the Persian Gulf, is considered as the trade Hub of Western Asia. Eminently known as the land of opportunities, it is famous for its Tourism, Trading, Construction, and other types like Recruitment, E-commerce, Business Consultancy, and healthcare businesses. Due to the trademark of Dubai’s Economic progression, it has captivated many business sponsorship over the last few decades both, local and foreign investment. Another point of magnetism for funding in Dubai Business is its ability to offer multicultural diversity, strict regulations, and reliable security. You can form any type of company here but, the most commonly found is Limited Liability Company and Freezone Company. Although there is a compulsion of local investment in the LLC but for Freezone, it is allowed to have built up solely on foreign investment. Furthermore, the land is enriched with updated technologies, advancing resources, and does not charge any indirect taxes in the trading or selling industry. Even cherry on the top, the land is even augmented with an unlimited pool of talented workers from all around the world hence providing startling impending ideas taking them to the untouched heights of success.

Finding a Local Business Sponsor

According to the company act of Dubai, Article 10 of Federal Law Number 2 of 2015, any company registered in Dubai must have one or more UAE citizens holding 51% of the share with them. However, if it is a Freezone Company, then you are not bound to trade in a non-Freezone Company, in that case it is required to have a local sponsor as well. Therefore, if you are non-Emirati thinking about starting a startup, then you need to find a business sponsor in Dubai first. A local sponsor or a local service agent is a bridge between regulatory requirements set by the government and Non-UAE or GCC nationals (Foreign investors) for setting up a company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. By finishing this procedure organization would then be able to utilize people and can issue residency visa permitting representatives, international sponsors, and specialists for legitimately working here. In order to find a reliable local agent, it is essential to check all the crucial aspects before having any decision. These partners can be sleeping partners or inactive but need to be responsible as well. Moreover, for the profits/loss division, all shareholders are protected by the investor’s right protection contract. 

Types of local Business Sponsor in Dubai

Apart from selecting their share percentage, companies also need to pay annual fees to them. Apart from giving a visa, they are also credible for opening business accounts, sending cheques, and taking loans. The following are the three main types of local aid found in Dubai.

Individual Sponsorship

In this case, the Emirati will work on the project set by the foreigners. They will provide backing to foreign investors within their capacity. The nationals will correspond to foreigners without any obligation of pooling money and will work on their behalf. As the locals will have 51% of shares responsible for profit and liability, they can give control of the attorney to foreigners in exchange for the fees they are charging by providing services.

Corporate Sponsorship

These are UAE owned companies that provide sponsorship to emigrants and embodies their overseas partners locally in Dubai. These projects can be from local or government bodies depending upon the conditions of the company in which the shareholders desire to work in Dubai. The characteristics of the contract are the same as compared to individual aiding and does not need for local investment.

Local Service agents

The above two categories mostly consisted of natives working and foreigners investing/paying for the services done by these locals. However, if the non-Emirati has an idea on which it wants to work but needs residents to participate in the legalizations of the paperwork then they can look for local agents. The investors represent the company in front of the Government as set by the company’s ordinance act 2015.


Every type of business has its degree of requirements that need to be fully filled properly. It is up to the stakeholders about how much they want to contribute to making the structure. The supply of financial credit has become convenient with the time so, if you are having any difficulty in finding an accurate representation for your organization, then you can also find investing companies performing these functions as well.