Looking For A Profitable Investment, Secured Lifestyle & Permanent Residency In Europe?

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There is a trend amongst international travellers to seek residency in international states which offer particular lifestyle benefits

Many people want to live in Europe and are on the look out for permanent residency there.

Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations in this respect, due of the unique advantages that Cyprus Residency Program has to offer.

The qualifying financial aspects are amongst the most favorable in the world for luxury living.

You have to purchase a new real estate for the minimum amount of 300K euro (VAT excl.). In addition, you have to have €30,000 in Cyprus bank for 3 years, and prove that you earn an annual income of €30,000.

Over and above these requirements, you have to provide €200,000 (VAT excl.) of the amount upfront to the seller, with proof of payment.

Not only can you invest in one, or maximum two, newly developed properties, but you can also invest in assets like shops and businesses (including hotels) to qualify. If your property has been purchased before the qualifying date in 2013 it does not have to be new.

The qualifying investment of 300K euros is not limited to property. The applicant can also invest in an independently owned company, or in shares in an existing Cypriot company.

In this case, he can derive income as the director of his own company, but his position as a director must be unpaid.

The applicant must not ony provide proof of income of euro 30 000 annually, but also an additional euro 5 000 per year for each dependant, including his/her spouse. This includes minor children under the age of 18, as well as dependant children between 18 and 25 years old who are still studying. If the applicant wishes for his dependant parents or the dependant parents of his spouse to gain residency, he must provide an extra euro 8 000 per year income for each parent.

All members of the family unit must provide proof of a clean criminal record from their country of origin.

Provided all documentation is in order and the application fulfills all qualifying conditions, the processing period takes only two to three months.

Another unique benefit of the program is that the residency never expires, and, therefore, never has to be renewed.

There is also no obligation to live on the island to retain the residency. You just have to visit every 2 years.

If, on the other hand, you want to qualify for a Cypriot (EU) passport, you have to live on the island for 7 years.

The uniquely appealing features of the residency program are not the only reason for relocation to this idyllic island state where you can enjoy luxury living with mesmerise Sea-View.

Cyprus ranks consistently in consumer reports as one of the most appealing global relocation destinations.

The business hub, Limassol, for example, is ranked globally amongst the top 20, and, in Europe, amongst the top 10, as the best place to pursue business interests.

The urban area of Paphos has been ranked second, just behind Venice, as the best place to buy a holiday home in the world. This is because, though it might not have all the attractions Venice offers, it offers a stable, luxury living, with fabulous scenery and beautiful blue beaches, as well as the possibility to mingle more naturally with the locals.

The above underlines the key reasons for relocating to Cyprus:

  • A family-friendly, stable, yet luxury living state, with a grassroots self-sufficiency boosting its economy.

  • One of the most business-friendly ambients in the world; with a low corporate tax of 12.5%, and advantages for luxury real estate investors who want a high return (up to 8% annually) on their rental ROI.

Cyprus offers:

  • 330 days of sunshine a year.

  • The lowest crime rate in Europe, and a state-of-the-art Oxford and Cambridge-based education system.

  • A well-developed entertainment and economic infrastructure, with a high performing free national healthcare system, pristine blue beaches, mountain trails, several amusement parks, cruises around the Mediterranean, cycling and jogging tracks, restaurants, and much more.

  • One of the most attractive aspects about the island is that, although rentals are high, the cost of living is very low. A green energy infrastructure means that electricity costs are low as well as the hot water bills. The winters are sunny, and there are low heating bills. The island is self-sufficient in terms of food production, which is grown sufficiently to feed 1 million of natives, as well as the annual 4-5 million of tourist population. Grocery bills are notably low.
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Relocating to a new destination, no matter how idyllic, can be daunting. You need leading experts, like First Class Homes, Cyprus property developer and licensed real estate agent, to facilitate all aspects of your move.

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Looking For A Profitable Investment, Secured Lifestyle & Permanent Residency In Europe
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