Looking at how sameday couriers operate

I do a lot of market research for various projects that I take on. With this in mind, one of the most common reasons that people give me for using a particular company again and again is good customer service. This is just as vital with sameday couriers. If you communicate with your clients and keep in contact with them they will become repeat customers and continue to buy from you again and again. This will result in more profit. How will your customers feel if their parcel is delivered late? Not so good. This is why same day courier services should make a difference to your business.

What kind of business do you have?

This, of course, all depends on which type of business you have and your own operating margins. Same day courier services cost several multiples more than next day courier services and rightly so. If you want your parcels to be picked up and dropped off on the very same day then you’ll be paying a hefty premium. But what if you could offset this against the benefits that it would result in? Consider this – none of your competitors might be offering a premium same day courier service to their clients.

There is more to understand

Now I’m not naive and I do understand that any professional same day couriers who might be reading this article will realise that same day courier services are usually reserved for or, at the very least, only used for specialist applications such as solicitors who need sensitive, time critical documents there and then or physicians who need medical results very quickly. However, why can’t we be creative and allocate a proportion of our branding budget to same day courier services so that our clients can benefit can a quick delivery service.

There are a number of different services out there

You must think I’ve gone mad even suggesting this! But maybe this is an opportunity for the average company to strike up a good deal with their local courier company and give their clients and a fast same day parcel delivery service. Then the cost of this wouldn’t even need to be passed onto the client.

Sounds like an idea that is pretty much out there but give it a thought. Even if this type of service is just run for select customers. Who are your cream of the crop clients? The top twenty per cent of your customers who account for around eight per cent of your revenue? Why not offer it to them? Alternatively, try budgeting this service as a special promotion for a limited two week period to win new clients. This is just as much the case for sameday couriers.


You never know this idea might be crazy enough to actually work! So if you are a same day courier service provider then give this idea a thought and contact me if it works. Innovation and creativity is the key to making your business stand out amongst a lot of same old competitors. Sameday couriers comes and go but it is key you stand out in some way.