Look At The Classifications Of The FR4 Copper Clad Laminate

If you are going to choose the correct laminate for your appliance, whether it is electrical, mechanical, thermal, or chemical, all of the properties should be appropriately considered. However, the majority of people remain worried about the best acceptable PCB board. 

Victory FR-4 boards are the best-suited boards for all appliances as they can even handle high-end products. Because of their smaller size, they can save the space and weight issue of the devices. Moreover, below mentioned is the complete discrimination about these boards that can make you understand which is best suitable for your appliance. Once you know it properly, there are no chances of mistakes in selecting the PCB boards.

Classifications Of FR4 Copper Clad Laminate

FR4 Copper clad laminates are also classified in accordance with their quality level. Only a reliable PCB manufacturer can suggest the best Copper clad laminates of FR-4 boards. So, if you are opting for any board, do consider the properties of every board.

FR-4 A1

The quality and durability of this series are known for its world-class level and the highest grade and fantastic performance product. This type of level is required for occasions that need high reliability, for instance; communications, computers, industrial instruments, and automotive circuits, etc. 

FR-4 A2

This level of clad laminate possesses a decent price-performance ratio, which permits the customers to enhance the price competitiveness efficiently.  They are mainly utilized for general electronic products. 

For example, they can be used for home appliances, instruments, and ordinary computers, etc. The series of FR-4 A2 are mainly utilized for meeting the requirement of industrial electronic products. 

FR-4 A3

The best thing about this clad copper laminate is that it is price competitive, and it still can fulfill all of the requirements. 

This type of clad copper laminates was created mainly for home appliances, electronic products, and peripheral computer products. Such as, they can be used for game consoles, calculators, and toys, etc. 

FR-4 A4

This grade of the sheet material can be called the low-end material of copper-clad laminate FR-4. Hence, it is a very low-end material that still possesses performance indicators that are utilized for computers, ordinary electronic items, and home appliances, etc. 

According to the low price, these copper-clad laminates perform very well. 

FR-4 B

This grade of the board is one of the most inferior boards found so far as they have low-quality stability. These boards are never preferred for the huge area-required circuit board products.

They are also not recommended for occasions that require high strength. These boards are considered best for products having the size of 100mm×200mm. But, the price of these boards is a lot cheaper according to their quality. Therefore, be very cautious when you select such types of boards.   

Winding Up!

The above mentioned are all kinds of FR-4 boards utilized in PCBs. These boards can be selected according to your requirements because they are available in low price to low-quality options. So, according to your appliance, you can choose the best-suited board.