Long Term Disability Insurance Quote

As a working and earning individual disability is the most draconian thought or dream one can get? Disability insurance is the income protection method as it ceases the earning sources and opportunities from you when you are in a working age and it can halt your growth and progress as well. Long term disability become important as the disability cannot be predicted whether it would be of short duration or will it stretch for long term period so, to protect your future it would be a sound financial decision to protect your earnings for a longer duration by enrolling in long term disability insurance.

Data says it all. According to an estimate over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire and among the most common reasons for disability claims include cancer, pregnancy and mental health issues .  These conditions might not be on top of our mind when you think about disability. That’s why long term disability insurance becomes important protector that helps policyholders to ensure that any form of disability won’t be able to damage your financial confidence.

Why one does needs long term disability insurance?

  • Although there are many reasons for causing bankruptcy but high medical expenses and job loss are two important factors. In long term disability you certainly need a treatment for your disability which could be really expensive and on top of this job loss due to disability will increase your financial burden too. So to protect you from both the cases the ultimate solution would be to have long term disability insurance.

Coverage included in long term disability insurance 

In addition to cancer, pregnancy and mental health issues, injuries and musculoskeletal diseases are among the top reasons for disability claims. Benefits under this insurance policy are provided whether or not your injury or illness is related to your job. Long term disability insurance typically provides larger and long term benefits than the most of other disability related insurances. Around 80% of your income would be covered through the policy through which you can easily fulfill your financial obligations as well as your monthly expenses can also be managed properly.

Claiming of insurance

If you are unable to work due to disability you can apply for claim by filling the claim form through the online or offline mode by attaching genuine documents attested or approved by doctors in your medical reports with the results of relevant tests to complete the claim. Your claim will be assessed and, if approved, you’ll begin receiving benefits as soon as your waiting period has passed.

To get an insurance quote few things are there to be mentioned such as your gender, age, occupation ,place you love in just to know whether the facilities can be provided in your state or not , your annual income and the amount or percentage of coverage you want according to your earnings or vulnerabilities. Touch with us today for more information.

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