Enhance your Competitive Advantage with Streamlined Long Term Care Facility Billing

A major challenge for any long term care facility is to manage reimbursements with a smooth process in billing. Managing your front and back end revenue cycle needs will be enhancing your chances of making more and focus well on patient care.

It is necessary for you to elevate your practice management standards that can help you develop best practices to earn a competitive edge at these trying times. Making sure that all your pre and post long term care facility billing are in safe hands will be extremely critical.

Finding a quality team making sure that all your RCM mandates are managed well will be a tough find. Reducing your billing costs has to be a necessary ingredient for any skilled nursing home facility, long term care centers. It all boils down to hiring experienced resources that can take your long term care facility billing to the next stage.

Sunknowledge drives your reimbursements

Our team is experienced in delivering AR & Collections related support for hospitals, skilled nursing home facilities, and long term care centers. The activities involve reaching out to the payers regarding the status of the submitted claims, denial follow-ups, and working on our underpayments and appeals.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the claims form (UB-04) and know how to bill clean claims. Our team has the versatility and knowledge of pursuing claims with different payers. In fact, we know it all with guidelines followed by different payers for authorization, timely filing process, case rates, per diem rates, DRG, etc.

At 1% of collections, Sunknowledge ensures:

  • Handling of your accounts receivable by highly experienced staff
  • Expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
  • Attention to every cash amount regardless of its size
  • Experience in claims adjudication serving major insurance plans
  • Increase in collections by 30 to 40%
  • Reduce your operational costs by 80%

Get in touch with our team as we transform your cash reserves. We are just a call away and know how to set the right benchmark in your accounts payable as a reliable operational extension.