London, UK – What are the main benefits of building a conservatory?

Are you considering building a conservatory in your home, but you are not entirely sure about the benefits for your house? Perhaps it will help to know that a conservatory can actually raise your property’s value by as much as five per cent. This could be £15,000 or even more.


Throughout the following lines you are going to find everything you need to know about the benefits of building a conservatory in your home, including the main advantages and pricing. The following are the main benefits of building a conservatory in your home:



Can increase property value

One of the major benefits of installing a conservatory is the value it could add to your property; at times as much as five per cent to the overall property value. This could actually be more than £15,000.


Having a conservatory installed could, in the future, attract potential buyers to your home, in case you decide to sell, as these home extensions allow you to see the garden and feel more connected to the outside world, while being protected from the weather.



Connects your indoor space to the garden

A conservatory creates a connection between your living space and the garden. It is not the same as the rest of your house, but it still protects you from the weather and can also be used as an extra bedroom, kitchen or lounge.


However, unlike your home, it will be mainly made out of glass fit in wooden, metal or uPVC frames.


On a different note, planning permission tends to be more simple and straightforward for a conservatory than for a home extension, as extensions need to be identical in appearance to the rest of your façade.



Provides extra room

Modern conservatories are extremely well built and protected from the outside, they can even be used as an extra bedroom, a lounge or kitchen.




More affordable than a home extension

Many people choose to go for a conservatory instead of building a home extension because extensions usually cost more than £30,000, while conservatories can at times cost as little as £3,000.


This is because a conservatory is made out of less materials than an extension, and usually tend to be an attachment to the property rather than a proper room with all the traditional elements on it.



Different choices are available

There is a wide range of alternatives that you can select from when it comes to conservatories, including the following:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Lean to
  • Gable
  • York
  • T-shaped
  • P-shaped


An interior ambience

As conservatories frequently feature a lot of natural light as well as uninterrupted views of the garden, many people that do not mind about increasing property value still opt for conservatories, since they are the ideal place to relax and unwind.


They can also conserve heat during winter months and keep cool during the summer, due to the insulation that nowadays comes as standard for most modern conservatories. This is why they are very attractive for both winter and summer seasons.