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Logistics and supply chain management refers to the flow of goods, services, information, and raw materials from the producers.

Supply chain management is a much broader term that encompasses logistics within it. With the growing importance, prevalence, and omnipotence of online shopping, logistics and supply chain management have become increasingly important.

 Online shopping has the benefit of saving time, effort, preventing the need to go out, especially during a fatal global pandemic. Moreover, with online shopping, People can manage hectic schedules to fit in a few minutes of necessary shopping.

Online shopping has also provided a platform for ethnic cultures and products to come into the limelight; it allows female entrepreneurs to become financially independent and for unique businesses and start-ups to gain momentum.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management refers to moving goods, services, information, and raw materials from producers to consumers or between businesses.

Supply chain management is a broader term and encompasses logistics within it. Supply chain management has increased in importance due to the growing popularity of online shopping and related activities.

Many new and unique businesses have opened up, increasing the need for supply chain management. For example, small and medium-sized enterprises require companies to manage raw material or finished goods from producers to their customers.

For example- an individual entrepreneur that sells crocheted clothes requires the supply chain management of yarn from the manufacturer to them, which they shall then use to make the final product.

This is why supply chain management software like engear is essential. Engineer nullifies the need to do in-person meetings, calls, or spend time stressing over logistics.

Engear keeps track of all the logistics and supply chain management arrangements for a business/start-up or entrepreneur.


Logistics is the organization and following implementation of a plan. It involves supply chain management because it correlates to the flow of things between businesses and people.

The commercial action of transporting finished olds to the consumer refers to logistics. The process of taking delivery details, forwarding them to the delivery service, tracking packages, and the final confirmation of delivery is all a part of logistics.

For businesses, tiny ones, logistics can be a very hectic task to handle; taking individual details, forwarding them, replying to delivery queries, sending out tracking details, etc., can be very demanding.

This is why software like engear is essential for small businesses; they do all the stressful work for you to indulge in your creative side.

What is Engear?

Engineer is a logistics and supply chain management software that provides automated and advanced sales and supply chain execution.

Engineer makes your business dreams into reality by taking the heat in the task for itself and allowing you to brainstorm ideas.

Quick deliveries and hassle-free processes are very attractive to customers, especially those who like to use the web for shopping. Engineer ensures supply chain management in a way that gives you a competitive advantage.

With the use of engear, you can improve your efficiency rate by predicting the demand for your product and making arrangements for raw materials based on that.

You can also decrease your supply costs and increase profits. In addition, Engear will help you avoid the danger of damaged goods and inventory and help establish good relations with suppliers.

The most significant advantage of engear, a supply chain management software, is its ability to ensure a smooth delivery process and avoid delays.

Engear gives daily reports on packaging, tracking, and location of goods so that users can keep a real-time track of their products. Use engear to get the best benefits of supply chain management.


Logistics and supply chain management refers to the flow of materials from one business to another. With the growing relevance of online shopping and the need to maintain social distancing, supply chain management software is at the forefront.

A software like Engear helps prevent delays, decrease costs, increase profits, and have a stress-less time in business. Engear takes the stress for itself so that companies can thrive on creativity and ingenuity.