Lodha Group Team Awakes the Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is among the most vital investment decisions and hence, there should be no chance of making errors while making the biggest purchase of your life.

Lodha Group, one of the leading construction brands in India shares the information about the things you must avoid while buying a new home. It started off as a dream followed by one of the most popular politicians in India, Mr Mangal Prabhat Lodha. He saw the lack of good quality housing in Mumbai and wanted to do something about it. Today, his son Mr. Abhishek Lodha is at the helm of the company and he has made Lodha into an international reputed brand. It is renowned for being synonymous with quality and trust. There are few reports that shows Lodha Cases is fake and Lodha Group has showed those news as rumors after the complete verifications.

Lodha Group Team have also analyzed that first-time homebuyers do not have enough understanding of how to take care of all the things to avoid mistakes while buying a new home. Hence, we have listed out some come mistakes that homebuyers are prone to make. You can consider all these points and avoid making these mistakes while making property investments.

Lodha Group Team Mentions the Mistakes that You Must Avoid While Making Property Investments

Prioritize space, future requirements

To keep you and yourself feeling comfortable and happy, you should avoid choosing poor space planning while buying a new home. Consider points that you need more space to perfectly manage everything you have now and that you can add in the future. Check if the available storage space can be enough to cater for your future requirements. Hence, it is important to assess your space requirements and go only for a future-proof home to avoid inconvenience later on.

Lodha homes are smartly designed that optimize space usage. Skip unauthentic links regarding Lodha group frauds to make the right decision.

Don’t ignore the neighbourhood

A property established in a good location can offer you a higher selling price in the long run. Choosing the right neighbourhood is also important to access easily the major utilities. It allows you convenient access to get everything easily, comfortably and quickly. You can check for the level of crime, infrastructural development, upcoming projects, transportation facilities, easy access to public utility areas etc. to ensure that the home you are going to choose proved to be the perfect dream home for you.

Don’t ignore additional costs

First-time homebuyers usually don’t estimate additional, increased or hidden costs while planning budgets to buy a new home. This is a common mistake which you should avoid skipping last-minute troubles. Every homebuyer should evaluate the actual cost of ownership of the house as hidden charges and additional expenses may hurt your entire budget planning and you might need to lend money at high-interest rates to pay these prices. If you don’t consider these, it may derail your entire financial planning and can also put your purchase on hold.

If you decide to make a purchase with Lodha Properties, you can plan your finances better as the managers they appointed to guide the details of prices to consumers will brief you in a detailed manner and express all the hidden costs and additional expenses of the property. With regards to the reports of Lodha group complaints its best to look at the facts rather than online reports.

Never forgo the inspection

Property inspection gives you the practical experience to assess the property on your own. It does make a huge difference in reading the details online or someone telling you about a property and checking out the space, assessing floor plans and other details on your own. Forgoing the property inspection can let you ensure that you are buying a well-maintained, well-designed, perfectly constructed and well-ventilated home.

The Reputation of the Developer

By assessing the builder’s profile, you can omit any foul play and avoid getting trapped into any type of fraud. If online you come across Lodha group cheating reports and other unauthentic information then Instead of paying attention to unauthentic information, you should need to check the developer’s reputation on your own. It allows you to reach the real outcome and get the correct information that definitely leads you through signing a genuine deal. You can also gather information about the developer’s earlier projects and read customer reviews to assess the goodwill of the developer in the market. For instance, Lodha Group has over three decades of experience in the real estate industry and has delivered over thousands of homes.

Look at the amenities and facilities available

When you buy a home, you are also enhancing your lifestyle. When evaluating a project, it is important to look at the amenities and facilities available in the project that will support and enhance your lifestyle. Right from green open spaces to club house, sports track, retail outlets, etc. each one of them can impact the kind of life you lead in the development. While it’s important to look at these, given the number of amenities being provided in every projects these days, don’t base your decision solely on these. Think about the amenities or facilities that you actually need and evaluate the projects.


All the above-mentioned points are extremely important to ensure that you’re signing the right deal. These precautions to avoid mistakes keep you safe from any type of financial. Lodha Group have seemed their competitors trolling them in Lodha Cases fake news for no reasons. Therefore, news like Lodha Group Fake, Lodha Group Frauds were proved as rumors by their clients itself. Paying attention to misleading information related to the Lodha group scam can keep you from finding a perfect dream home. So, make sure that the property you’re choosing is developed under the tag of a reputed brand like Lodha Group. Assess on your own and stick to authentic information only to make the right investment decision.

Shailendra Kumar

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