Lockdown: Ways to Survive and Maintain Your Online Business

The COVID-19 has shaken every sector of society. It has impacted the lives of people and business life as well. Travel and hospitality have collapsed completely. Other business verticals have managed to survive the wave of the pandemic. One of them being the online business. Due to the lockdown, shops are closed, and people prefer online deliveries because of higher safety measures. 

During the crisis, it becomes hard to retain customers and ensure continuity of the online business; as a business entrepreneur, you should take proactive measures. Here is a set of guidelines you should take into consideration. 

1. Notify the customers about the changes made in lieu of pandemic

It’s understandable that your business won’t be the same in lieu of the pandemic. With so many restrictions imposed by the government, your nature of working will change. Your interactions with the customers will be impacted in different aspects. 

  • You could notify the customers before that you would need time to complete the deliveries as you need extra time to restock and re-plan
  • Interruptions and hiccups may be expected due to limited inventory and human resources. 
  • Publish clear guidelines about your working hours and days you will be operating
  • In case you are unable to make deliveries due to lockdown, inform them that it will be made as soon as possible and do not keep them waiting. 

Figure all the customer concerns and queries. Make yourself clear to the audience in case to avoid any confusion. Clarity and transparency will give out an impression to your customers that you are a trusted portal, thus making sure they order from you again. 

2. Keep Your Websites and App Updated

Many online business portals across the globe have implemented this strategy. They have updated their websites and mobile applications with adequate information, keeping in mind the current situation and what is best for the organization. You can add a pop-up banner to attract eyes to the important information they should know. Other than this, don’t stop posting on social media. It doesn’t matter whether you are closed or trading temporarily; engage with customers. Create a variety of posts related to your business model and regarding the current situation and post. 

3. Manage Delivery Time Expectations

With the lockdown in place, a few businesses, even online ones, have shut down completely. But the government has allowed some of them to operate. Those are the ones selling essential commodities and medicines. Due to the limited availability of resources, both in terms of products and staff, companies have a hard time meeting the customers’ deliveries. Moreover, the companies are unable to meet the product requirements as well. If delivery is not made on the date and time slot selected, a message should be sent to the customer. Also, it’s great to have a range of courier services to meet the demands. Update the slots on the website accordingly. 

4. Tell Them The Safety Steps You Are Taking

A lot of people are inclining towards online businesses to meet the daily needs of their life. Even health practitioners are advising people to stay home and order things online. Many people are reluctant to order from online websites as they are not sure about the safety measures being taken. Firstly, for your customers’ safety, follow all the guidelines and protocols. Secondly, tell this to your customer. You can tell by way of videos, ads, and information updates on your website. For example, you are an online bakery accepting order cake online Gurgaon; you can have a tagline “Sweetness Delivered Safely” with all the measures in the body text:

  • Contactless delivery
  • Sanitization done 
  • Food hygiene practice followed
  • Masks and Gloves On