Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

The optimization of a website in order to yield more traffic and brand awareness by all the local searches is Local SEO. Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing technique used to make your business or workplace more visible to the local Google search results. The local search presence of any business can be increased optimally when Google search is performed looking for locally based services, products or information of any kind. So any product or services working in a specific geographical are and have any digital presence can benefit from Local SEO services

How does it work?

Certain steps are carried out in order to increase the search visibility of a local business. Some of the best performed strategies are as follows:

  • Optimize and claim Google My Business or now most commonly known as Google Business profile
  • Management of reputation
  • Establishment of local links
  • Building local citations
  • Website optimization
  • Fighting spam

Various processes, known as algorithms are used by Google to rank hundreds and thousands of websites within a blink of an eye. This algorithm runs by checking the index and showing up a list of websites that shows up in the organic search. Based on the relevance, popularity and prominence, both organic SEO and Local SEO can have interrelated results. 

All of these series of actions of Local SEO, if rightly done, helps to promote the business in the Local finder, the Local pack, Google maps , GMB Listings and localized organic searches. 

Local Pack:

Any 3 search results appearing at the top of SERP (search engine results page) for local searches forms the Local pack. All local listings alongside the markings of map pins displaying location of each business will appear on local pack. It is a highly productive tool as Google’s Local pack gets the most clicks online and eventually gets more business as these results are based on the business profile rather than the business websites. 

Local Finder:

After viewing the initial results, when u click on the “More places” option at the bottom of the local pack, it will lead you to the Local finder, which is an extended list of all the local businesses and their profiles relevant to the search. 

Google Maps:

Apart from using the main search engine, Google maps also provided an extended business list displayed on the left of the page and all the markings appear on the right side of the page on the map. 

By using “search the area” feature, you can easily move the map and avail the services of exploring and finding the desired business.

Localized Organic Results:

Different ranking factors who will use page optimization, inbound links and reviews will display the local organic list under the local pack list, which is decided based on the local algorithms of the local searches. 

Importance of Local SEO:

Marketing can make or break any business nowadays and digitally driven marketing strategies can play an ultimate role in making any business successful. The benefits and importance of local SEO is being recognized now more than ever and following are just few of the many important factors it can showcase.

  • Reach and visibility:

Putting your business on the map will make it visible to a large clientele, resulting in more people to discover the business. Online access to the business website and communication will help people making quick decisions. 

  • Leading to more conversions:

Increasing the business visibility and detailed profile online can lead to more conversions and people will end up using the website and accessing subscriptions and scales etc. This normally doesn’t happen as Google has made these searches very direct where people can find the business location and working hours without having to leave the search engine. 

  • Positive Reputation:

Availing these local SEO techniques and marketing strategies, any business can work on growing their reputation as it plays a very important role in defining the future of that business. Apart from showcasing the brand online and working on the face of the business, these strategies of working on the social media activities and marketing emails can enhance the productivity of the business. Encouraging users to leave an online review and then working on taking steps towards improvements is also very essential. 

Need of Local SEO marketing:  (also put link here)

An increasing list of companies and local businesses are availing the beneficial services of local SEO, which categorically includes the following:

  • SEO agencies:

These agencies are working with local providers and small scale companies. they Primarily include those falling in their geographical area.

  • Local businesses:

This marketing strategy is most beneficial to bricks and mortar services. Local businesses who need on foot traffic and people coming in their doors. 

  • Multi location franchises:

Brands that are expanding locally and globally need these services to profit their business.

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