Local SEO analysis tools and how they work

What are Local SEO Tools

Local SEO analysis tools evaluate your website to determine its rankings on search engines using an application. SEO tools give you an insight into what your website is doing and therefore allow you to decide if there is or is no need for improvement. SEO tools focus on some components to determine the rankings of your business which are;


The domain is the main thing that SEO tools analyze to determine the overall ranking of your website on the SERPs. The tools check the website’s age, the number of external websites that link back to the website in question, and the number of backlinks that the website contains. Tools use a scale of 1-100 to determine the website’s rankings; if the domain is closer to 100, then the utmost likely appears at the top of Google rankings.


After evaluating the domains on your website, tools also analyze individual pages found on your site. In analyzing the page’s score, the analysis tool checks the backlinks and keywords. In some cases, you’d find a higher score for the page than that for the domain, which might be caused by a page having a large number of backlinks which have high domains. Like evaluating domains, an authoritative page score is used, and if a page is closer to 100, then the rankings are higher.


As mentioned above, keywords are an important factor in checking for rankings for pages and domains. Putting keywords in your website content increases a page’s ranking and the number of searches. SEO tools analyze the keywords identifying the ones that have high rankings and providing new rankings for your keywords. The analysis tools also check for keywords used by your competitors that give them higher rankings.


External links to your site are what are referred to as backlinks. Your domain ranking is measured by how many backlinks your site has and the quality of the site’s rankings. Analysis tools determine how many high-quality backlinks your website has and its rank on SERPs. Your backlink portfolio SEO specialized research tools will evaluate the backlinks losses and gains overtime to give you a steady improvement over time, as well as use your competitor’s backlinks that give them a higher ranking.


The general website traffic affects the ranking of the website. Attracting new people to your website and staying for a long time significantly increases your domain and page rankings. Analyzing tools display potential traffic and general traffic on websites keyword and other keyword suggestions.

Final thought

Creating a business website might be easy; not even the inclusion of Local SEO is enough. It is important to check the website’s performance overtime to ensure that you are getting closer to your goal. Local SEO tools assist in giving a detailed analysis of how your business is going. For more information on SEO tools, you can enroll in the Kostenloses SEO Seminar to get more insight into how SEO tools work.