Local Honey: 5 Key Benefits of Sourcing Your Raw Honey Locally

According to the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, the U.S. honey industry has been booming in recent years. They found that in 2017 more then 22,000 jobs were created and a total of 4.74 billion profits were made.

So, why is that? Because locally sourced honey not only tastes amazing, but it is also full benefits.

Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of sourcing local honey.

1. The Health Benefits of Local Honey

Consuming local honey has quite a few health benefits for your body. It can help with things such as

  • Sore throats
  • Kills certain bacterias
  • Reduces the lifespan of colds
  • Acts as a natural antiseptic

Local honey is made from the flowers that are around your area. No matter if the local honey is east, west, north, or south, every location you get your honey will be unique.

A simple search for local honey near me should provide you with a local beekeeper. If not you can use Local Honey Finder.

2. Supporting Your Local Economy

Local beekeepers and other small businesses can use blockchain consulting services to grow their businesses, but they need our help too!

By supporting your local beekeepers, you are helping small scale farming operations. This also means that you are helping to increase pollination and giving the larger crops a much better yield as well as the local economy.

3. Restoring The Local Honey Bee Population

Bees not only collect delicious honey for us; they are also helping our plants grow, breed, and produce other foods.

According to Yale Environment 360, the bee population has been in a great decline, and it is posing a massive threat to our global agriculture.

By pollinating plants, it helps with the cycle of life and improves our ecosystem.
By buying local honey, we are supporting the local beekeepers, who are taking care of the bees and helping to restore the bee population.

4. Local Allergies and Flus

We briefly mentioned the health benefits of honey early, but local honey also has some Local Health Benefits as well.

It’s great to use local honey for allergies. Why? Because the honey is made from the local flowers. What better way to combat your allergies?

It can also help tame that nasty seasonal flu that spreads around the community. By consuming honey, you can help with the inflammation in your stomach and give your pain relief.

5. Pollen Or No Pollen

Local raw honey is full of pollen. This is the main reason that it is so healthy for you and provides so many benefits.

One of the main problems posed with the honey you buy in most grocery stores is that there is no pollen within their honey. Many of these companies will use ultrafilters to process their honey; during this filter, it can remove most of, if not all of the pollen within the honey.

When you purchase local raw honey, you know that it will be full of pollen and full of benefits.

Source Local Honey

These are just a few of the many reasons you should always search for local honey for sale before purchasing in the grocery stores. Support your local beekeepers and sources your honey locally!

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