Loan Broker vs Lender – Which is Better for You?

There may be many reasons you need a loan – from home improvements to a new car purchase, debt consolidation, radical life events, and more. Thankfully, in today’s time, getting approval for a loan has become fairly easy since many lenders are in the market.

A Lender is essentially an entity that loans you the desired amount at a set interest rate after thoroughly evaluating your credit history and ability to repay a loan.

A Loan Broker, also known as a credit broker, is an entity that helps match your loan needs with an ideal lender.

If you have been wondering about approaching one or more lenders individually,

What Should You Know About Loan Brokers?

Simply put, loan brokers do the cumbersome work of comparing loan products from different lenders and even take the extra effort of finding some exclusive deals for you that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

So, all that’s left for you is to compare the available options and pick the one that best suits your needs! Right? Well, there’s a tad more to it than just this.

A loan broker can access information about multiple loan products from various lenders. This enables them to find the product that best meets your funding needs and facilitate the deal.

In cases where you have a bad credit history or already have multiple ongoing loans, there may be a better solution than approaching a lender directly. A loan broker can prove to be of help by helping you find the right lender for your unique needs. The broker can easily compare the lending rates of different lenders and help you find a loan with the lowest interest rate.

Difference between a Loan Broker and a Lender

·           A broker helps you get in touch with the lender. A lender, on the other hand, lends you the money.

·           A broker can access information about numerous lenders and therefore offers a wider pool of choices. A lender can only offer limited loan options for you to choose from.

·           A broker can help you find a loan with bad credit, although at a relatively higher interest rate. However, the lender will only provide you with a loan if their policy allows them. If not, your loan application will just be rejected.

·           A loan broker will enable you to find and get approved for a loan quicker, thanks to their swift and hassle-free application process.

We hope you are now aware of the advantages of having a loan broker to help with your funding needs. Now that your chances of getting approved for a loan will be much higher let us remind you that you should only apply for a loan if you absolutely need it. Moreover, it is equally important that you have a sound plan for repaying the loan amount complete with the interest.


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