Living room decorating ideas and TV stand buying guide

When you have bought a new house, the next thing comes to mind is to design the interior. Decorating the living room is the most important and tough job. People come across your living room first. So, you should decorate the space in an exclusive way and also, it should reflect your personality. For example, if you are a book lover, you should portray your exclusive collection of books showcased in a beautiful bookcase. Or maybe you love to watch movies and listen to music. Buy a TV cabinet that has separate modules to store the huge DVD collection. So many other ways are there to design the interior of a living room. Especially, when you have a tight budget, you should plan cleverly to transform your living room in a unique way without spending much.

Rearrange the furniture:

It’s a perfect choice to renovate your old living room interior. To work with what you have is the least expensive update for you. Rearranging the old furniture sets can sometimes do wonders in terms of look and functionality. While doing this, update a few pieces along with it. For example, change the cushions and the covers of the living room sofas. If possible change the curtains too. Update the old center table or the coffee table by applying paint. Otherwise, you can buy a few décor items, a framed picture and a standing lamp shade.

Get a beautiful TV cabinet:

Don’t forget to update the arrangements for the television corner. If you want to change the old TV, do it now. Get your dream flat screen now. Once you have bought this, a perfect TV cabinet should be there to complete your TV. Different types of TV cabinets are available these days. Whether it’s a consoled cabinet with lots of additional storage spaces, a designer TV stand where you can display your things and décor items and most importantly for the small living rooms, now you have the chance to buy a swivel or cantilever TV stand. Depending on a few factors, you should choose the perfect TV cabinet. These factors include:


The size of your living room: do you have a large living room? Any type of TV cabinet can be fit into it. You can have large consoled units with the facilities of displaying the full entertainment unit and a few décor items from your exclusive collection.

On the other hand, what if you have a small living room? Here, you cannot occupy excess floor and wall space more than the requirement. Modern contemporary styles of TV stands made of metal and glass can be the perfect choice for these types of living rooms.


The shape matters a lot: while choosing a TV cabinet, you should consider the shape of your living room. For example, you have a large room but the corner where you are decided to place the TV is not in the even shape. So, you should look for a specific TV stand that can be easily combined with it. In most of the cases, a swivel TV stand or a cantilever stand works the best.


The overall them of the living room interior: make sure, the TV unit matches up with the overall interior of your living room. If you have traditionally designed a living room along with classic wooden furniture sets, maintain the trend while buying a TV cabinet as well.


The color scheme of the living room: these days, all the modern designer tv stands are manufactured in such a way that they can easily blend with the overall color scheme of a standard living room. For example, if you have a rustic designed interior, you can buy anything made of wood and metal.

Hope, this article will help you a lot while designing your living room and buying an affordable TV stand.

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