Living Close To Texas A&M University – Worth It? 

Are you hunting for houses for sale College Station? If yes, then you are in the right place. Texas is the state of the future. Being home to Texas A & M University, it is the center of academic excellence. The job market here is burgeoning, with its biggest attraction being a lack of tax for the salaried class. 

Living around Texas A&M University

Living close to one of the most prestigious universities is a wise choice to make. 

Following are some of the most convincing reasons to buy or rent residential property in this particular area:

Save on daily commute

Public transport runs to and fro the university area on a very regular schedule. If you are a student of the university, the shuttle service is offered in almost all adjacent areas.

You can enjoy major savings on gas by living here. Almost every destination in the city is very accessible given the routes on which the transport operates to facilitate the university students.

Freedom to choose

If you are already enrolled in the university, finding on-campus accommodation can be time-taking and even expensive in some cases. Living near the university will allow you to maintain easy access to the campus while having more diverse living opportunities at hand. Whether you want to live solo or bunk in with others from your program, you can do things as you like. 

No personal tax

Living in Texas exempts you from personal taxes, which means that you can save up more by simply living here. If you are a working student at the university, you can channel more money into your education. 

Enjoy cultural diversity

Having a home juxtaposed to Texas A&M University means that you can be a part of the multicultural intermingling the campus has to offer. The university itself is a hub for people from all over the world. You can meet and befriend new people from different countries and ethnicities if you live nearby. 

If you have kids, they can also experience the diversity firsthand. This will give them a better outlook on life and the world. 

Excellent nightlife

The clubs and malls around the campus make living here an amazing experience. University students arrange festivities very often that are open to the general public. There are no boring weekends when you are living close to Texas A&M University.