list of waterproofing companies in the UAE

In UAE, multiple waterproofing companies are helping to protect buildings from water derives by offering high-quality constructing material. In addition, waterproofing companies provide their services for your roof, bathroom, and many more.

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Top waterproofing companies in UAE:-

Al Taief:-   

Location: Mai Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Dubai UAE

Service type: Concrete Contractors

Contact No: 0551589555

Energy Zone LLC:- 

This is Dubai based company offering multiple ranges of services, for example;

  • Waterproofing
  • insulating and decorative Coatings
  • paints. 

This company basically works on the insulating coating that gives maximum output than traditional insulation materials. They provide safe and environment-friendly products that help the environment save it from toxic materials. They use the best technology to give high output and use high insulating ceramics.

Contact information:

Location: Ware House No 5, Al Ghusais Indl Area 3, Dubai, Dubai UAE

Service type: Waterproofing

Contact No: 097142671623


AMC Protection LLC:-

MSC was established in 1996 UAE providing advanced solutions in concrete treatment and protection. Till now, they have served thousands of clients and got an unmatched reputation in the commercial and technical society. They are open to long-term and big projects and give their professionals and experts the best service. The main aim of MSC is to become one of the best technology leaders. 

Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi UAE

Service type: Waterproofing

Content No: 097143416618


Al Mutathawer Insulation Material Industries LLC:-   

Al Mutathawer Insulation Material Industries LLC has a leading waterproofing, insulation, and chemicals. LLC was established in 2005 and became the best successful company strictly to provide the best quality products to their clients. They offer their super quality products at reasonable rates.

 Al Mutathawer Insulation Material Industries LLC is famous for its long-term guarantee, safety, and best performance. LLC has become the largest waterproofing company with eco-friendly products serving in Asia, Africa, and Europe within no time.

Contact information: 

Location: Sharjah – United Arab Emirates, Sharjah UAE

Service type: Waterproofing

Contact No: 097165347717


Water Seal Insulation Mat. Co. LLC:-  

LLC is also the best waterproofing company established in the ’90s. They are the latest development company and show their expertise in advanced computerized design, commercial and technical approaches. This company maintains its good reputation across the time.

Contact information:

Contact number: 097125575704


Four Links Insulation:-

Four Links Insulation is one of the leading contracting companies in Dubai. However, they are best known for their project management service.

Contact information:

Location: Dubai UAE

Service: Waterproofing

Contact No: 097142733689

Website: this list


DROPLESS INSULATION CONTRACTING is one of the best waterproofing companies in the UAE. They offer the best service to their clients.

Location: Dubai – UAE, Sharjah UAEDubai 

Contact number: 097142955690

Website: http://www.droplessuae.comManage this list

Five Dimensions General Contracting & Maintenance LLC:-

This company provides a wide range of waterproofing devices that gives proper safety to the buildings and save them from harmful climate.

Location: Abu Dhabi – Un…, Abu Dhabi UAE

Service: Waterproofing

Contact No: 097126325622

Website: http://fivedimensions.aeManage this list

Al Intishar Insulation Mat. Works Est. – Insulation Contractors & Waterproofing:-

This is the best company providing number one quality products and offer a wide range of thermal and humidity insulation problems solution.

Contact information:

Location: Al Intishar Insulation Mat. Works Est. – Insulation Contractors & Wate…, Sharjah UAE

Service: Waterproofing

Contact No: 097165752179

Website: http://insulationdubai.comManage this list

Final thought:

This article covers the top waterproofing companies in UAE. Builders wanted a better way to help people find the best service providers who deliver high-quality work, are committed to collaboration and are simply interested in helping.