List of Top 10 Software House in Lahore in 2022

Pakistan’s IT sector is growing rapidly and is contributing about 1% to the GDP which is predicted to double in the coming years. Nowadays, Lahore is known to be the hub of technology in Pakistan and has the highest number of software companies in Pakistan. As per the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication, the IT exports of Pakistan reached $1.70 billion in 2021.

Let us have a look at the top software companies in Lahore.

1. Conrad Labs

Conrad Labs is also a famous IT company or software house in Lahore. Abbas Yousafzai started this company in 2009. Their expertise in SaaS (software as a service) and other technologies gives them an edge over their competition. Though, they have a smaller team but are still experts in Java, MYSQL, PHP, etc., for web development and mobile applications. The company has many happy customers and is working with many businesses.

2. Techlogix

Techlogix has more than 300 employees today. This company was started by only 3 MIT graduates. The company has made rapid growth and has provided its services in many IT services. Furthermore, it has launched MAESTRO, a technology used in modern and fuel-efficient cars. 

This technology is used by many automotive companies today, such as Ford, BMW, Honda, and Renault. Moreover, they have launched Jazba, a software that can be used for catalogue creation.

3. NETSOL Technologies Inc

If someone wants to know which is the best software company in Lahore, it is NETSOL Technologies. The company has always proven itself in the market due to its reliable software products and services worldwide. Salim Ghauri started it as a start-up, and today his efforts made it an international information technology development company. 

The company has succeeded majorly because of its global experience in providing solutions to different financial companies. Moreover, it is also known for providing expertise in different sectors of banking and healthcare. It is the first company to be listed on the world’s largest economic market, NASDAQ.


ABACUS falls in the category of leading software development companies in Pakistan and it has a major role in transforming the business industry with the help of the latest technology. It was founded in 1987 and has made partnerships with its customers as:

  • Advisors
  • Consultants
  • Outsourcers

It is a reputable organization as it delivers excellent services and redefined business processes. They are known for their customizable solutions that can be changed or customized as per customers’ requirements.

5. Mindstorm Studios

In the gaming industry, Mindstorm Studios have delivered some of the best games, characters, and animations in the world. The company has built many gaming apps for both IOS as well as for Androids. Some of the most creative software developers are working in this company. These developers can transform reality into a 3D world. Their best gaming titles are:

  • Lord of Crime
  • Jurassic Carnival 

6. Config

Config also ranks among the leading software companies in Lahore and offers a large number of IT services to customers. Some of their notable customers are Ufone and PAKWHEELS.COM. Config has 300-plus members and offices in Pakistan as well as in other countries like the United States of America.

This software company is an expert in providing:

  • Content management 
  • Mobile application
  • UI (User Interface)

They also have teams that are experts in Visuals storyboards and user interface engineering.

7. Q soft technologies

Q soft technologies is one of the top software houses in Lahore that excels in consultancy and programming. They target customers that use their products and help them grow in the ever-evolving digital industry.

8. Ubisoft

Ubisoft came into existence with a group of talented technologists aiming to create a workplace that builds jaw-dropping technology with the help of talented developers. It has proven to be the fastest-growing software company in the entire region of MENA. It has achieved the international level with great world connections. They have expertise in building software for mobile phones, cloud technologies, and web applications.


TRG Lahore is a renowned software house in Pakistan. They offer a variety of IT solutions to their customers such as Engineering and testing, automation of systems, design and development, integration, and web solutions for mobile and website development. TRG is also known to build some of the most high-quality and professional software.

10. TechAbout

TechAbout is a software house in Lahore that offers countless IT-based services and has many ongoing projects in the industry of education and health. Their main objective is to bring innovation and to create out-of-the-world technology in order to transform businesses. They also provide their services in technical consulting, designing, and coding.


The IT sector is booming in the year 2022 and has made a record-breaking remittance of $2.616 billion. It will be helpful to introduce more employment and opportunities in the country. The top ten software house in Lahore have changed the way of world operations by providing high-end IT solutions in order to automate work processes across businesses.

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