List of Open Source Big Data Tools

The present market is overflowed with a variety of open-source Big Data tools. They bring cost productivity, better time management into the information systematic tasks. As we all know that data is everything in the present IT world. Also, this data continues to increase by manifolds every day. To master the tools and techniques of big data, you can opt for big data courses available both online and offline.

Prior, we used to discuss kilobytes and megabytes. But now these days, we are discussing terabytes.

Data is futile until it transforms into helpful insights and information which can help the administration in decision making. For this reason, we have a few top big data software accessible in the market. This product helps in storing, investigating, announcing, and doing much more with data.


MongoDB is a great example of an open-source and feature-rich NoSQL database, which is cross-platform and compatible with several programming languages. 

Apache Cassandra

We can say that Apache Cassandra is one of the support behind the huge success of Facebook. It enables you to handle structured data sets that are distributed across a large number of nodes around the globe.

R Programming

R is one of the widely used alongside JuPyteR stack for enabling This is one more of the Apache group of devices utilized  for large scale statistical analysis and data visualization. JupyteR Notebook allows forming any expository model from more than 9,000 CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) calculations and modules, running it in an advantageous situation, modifying it in a hurry and investigating the analysis results at once.


Neo4j is an open-source diagram database with interconnected hub relationship of data, which follows the key-esteem design in storing information.

Apache SAMOA

This is one from the Apache group of tools used for Big Data processing. This tool has in-built pluggable architecture and should be used on other products of Apache like Apache Storm.

Apache Hadoop

This one is the long-standing hero in the field of Big Data processing, notable for its abilities for large scale data handling. This open-source Big Data system can run on-prem or in the cloud and has very low hardware necessities.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is the other option — and in numerous aspects the replacement — of Apache Hadoop. Spark was developed to address the deficiencies of Hadoop and it does this staggeringly well.

These are some of the open-source tools used in big data analytics. You can master these tools and along with many more when you get yourself enrolled in a big data course provided by a reliable institute or organization.