List of Best Call Centre Phone Systems in India

The call centre industry in India has grown exponentially in recent years. Especially with the rise of cloud based call center CRMs and telecalling CRM softwares. It is the decisive factor in whether or not the day-to-day business operations operate well.

Below is a list of the top 10 call centre systems in India:

  1. Zendesk: Zendesk is a top sales CRM system as it is built to be as user-friendly as possible while also being filled with a range of CRM features. It is made for different user categories, so you may use the Zendesk features irrespective of the type of your company, including SMBs, retailers, HR teams, businesses, educational institutions, and IT teams. Both a subscription plan and a free trial are available from Zendesk.
  2. RingCentral: RingCentral India is rapidly establishing itself as a top provider of global marketing cloud communications. It is a unified cloud-based business phone system that provides team messaging, video conferences, and phone calls through a single, user-friendly interface. You may select from a number of plans, each of which has a unique collection of features and services. The phone calls, SMS, group messaging, file sharing, and voicemail transcriptions are all unlimited in all of these services.
  3. Talkdesk: Talkdesk includes intelligent routing features like ACD, IVR, Ring Groups, etc. Both the Enterprise and Professional plans include unlimited call recording. It includes superior voice capabilities as well as a power dialer. Additionally, it offers real-time dashboards and customizable reports.
  4. Avaya: Avaya is an automated system for inbound and outbound audio, video, email, and chat services. It contains features including automatic scheduling, voice analytics, and interaction recording. It offers AI solutions that may improve human decision-making, streamline tasks, and automate procedures.
  5. ZohoDesk: Zoho Desk is a cloud-based call centre system. It supports multiple telephone providers and interfaces with phone bridges. The programme records chat history, making it possible for customer service representatives to review earlier exchanges. Additionally, it enables the creation of procedures that can instantly turn missed calls into tickets. This makes it easier to assign each department’s phone calls to a certain agent.
  6. Nextiva: Nextiva is a VoIP communication platform and tool that connects people with business apps, data, and automation to interact and forge stronger relationships with their employees and customers. The platform unifies all forms of communication — audio, video, chat, collaboration, and surveys — in a single place. This makes it easier for organisations to get the data they require to meet customer needs better and provide improved results.
  7. Ameyo: Ameyo is a very adaptable IP-based call centre system. It enables you to communicate with each consumer individually across a variety of channels, elevating customer engagement to an exceptional degree. This CRM system enjoys a broad spectrum of clients on a global scale including Banking, BPO, E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Retail.
  8. CallHippo: CallHippo is a user-friendly VoIP-based virtual phone system. It offers exceptionally good customer service, audio quality, and network coverage.

Additionally, it enables smooth connectivity with programmes like Pipedrive, Zapier, and Zoho CRM PLUS. Moreover, pricing is simple and clear. The entry-level package is totally free.

  1. Exotel: Exotel’s cloud telephony does not require any maintenance or hardware purchases. A business phone system called Exotel provides options like Smart IVR for your Business. With the cloud telephony device, a productive call routing, management, and recording system may be set up in less than five minutes.
  2. MCube: Simply said, this popular call centre system is just not a business phone system. A variety of robust automated call management solutions are available through this cloud-based integrated communication platform, including Business Helpline, Virtual PBX, Call Tracking, and telephony-integrated marketing automation tools like Lead Management and Support Management.