List of architecture colleges in Maharashtra

Nowadays, Choosing a reliable architecture college is very stressful for students. Students end up getting frustrated and sad when it comes to getting a list of architecture colleges in Maharashtra or any other places for them. Usually, they end up choosing what they don’t like and waste their time in regret about what they like but don’t have. Today we have come forward with a college option which most of the students ignore. Yes, we are talking about colleges of architecture, which is in high demand, and it is going to be growing more.

As per the stats, the Indian construction industry is going to be $1 trillion by 2030. That means there is going to be a huge demand for architects in the coming years.  Talking about Maharashtra, Government is going to invest more in construction in Maharashtra. That is why there are going to be many jobs in this particular sector. Now the question is how you can choose the best architecture college. Well, the simple answer to this question is by getting through the list of architecture colleges in Maharashtra or any other place.

We have noted down the best colleges in which you can pursue an architecture program.

Apex list of architecture colleges in Maharashtra:

  1. Manoramabai Mundle college of architecture

What to say about this college as this college is one of the best colleges of architecture which is situated in Nagpur Maharashtra. Getting admission to this college will defiantly make you a good architect. This college is one of the leading architecture colleges of India which offers you all the levels of education, which includes bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D. This college’s main focus is on practical knowledge, which gives students a better understanding of the subjects.

  1. Rizvi college of architecture

This is another well-known college of architecture in Maharashtra. This college was established in 1992, since then this college amazed its competitors with its performance. This college provides great education and students with good placements packages. This college is known for its way of teaching as they only focus on what is in demand and what is needed in the industry.

  1. Sir JJ College of architecture

Sir JJ College of architecture is among the oldest college of architecture in India, which was established in 1913. Since 1913 this college always set the standards when it comes to facilities, faculties, and infrastructures. This college provides smart classrooms that help the students to grab the knowledge faster. The best part about this college is, it always update their syllabus and introduce new and important things their syllabus. This college organizes seminars where they invite professional architects who guide students and make their way much more clear.

Lines for Closure:

Pursuing architecture has got some great job opportunities for students as it in high demand. Students who are willing to get in architecture can work in many private and government organizations like archaeological department, national building organization, and many more. For that, you just need to get into a good college. The colleges we mentioned above are a list of architecture colleges in Maharashtra.