List of 5 Importance of IoT Smart Water Meters

If we talk about the modern-day electrical grids, then smart meters are already known to be an essential component. These are now finding their way in the water utilities as a valuable method for obtaining real-time insight into customer demand. In a world with scarce resources, where people are suffering due to lack of water, the breakthrough innovation of these smart water meters is an amazing way to obtain a greater understanding of water loss management sydney that can provide a huge amount of potable water for people. In all the verticals, be it operational, industrial or even consumer, all these smart water meters have proved very helpful. So, to know better about all the benefits of IoT Smart Water Meters, you need to go through all the given points.

1 Water Consumption Rationing

Smart water meters come along with a modern-day technology embedded with a remotely controlled valve function. This valve helps the users that are usually operating from a plant or factory to help regulate the water flow and actively manage the water consumption so that operational processes are well optimized during the cost-saving. This kind of water consumption is rationed based on these two major factors:

a) Usage Timing

 When it comes to the usage timing, then various activities of limiting the outdoor irrigation and watering during the afternoon time is one perfect example. A remote valve can help to control the water consumption and limit it to the requirement specification. 

b) Consumption Thresholds

 One amazing process of water rationing is through consumption monitoring of water. It can significantly impact the water overflow condition. When tanks are filling, keeping an eye on the water level is essential. So, through an automated process, one can easily cut the water supply after a particular time interval.

 2 Active Water Billing

 Smart water meters assist with more efficient resource allocation, and improved employee safety since the manual meter reading is no longer required since the smart water meter with IoT technologies has two-way communication. This interaction is between the end customer and distributor helps in real-time monitoring of demand throughout the water supply network.

 3 Increased Water Conservation Efforts

 The lack of transparency in water conservation attempts of water suppliers and utilities can be eliminated with the help of an IoT smart water meter. This meter will help clarify the legitimate water consumption pattern of consumers, and the assist with the water conservation efforts, results and efficiency in cloud computing ppt.

 4 Non- Revenue Water Reduction

 Non-Revenue Water is the distributed water that isn’t paid for or water that does not reach the end consumers. The main causes of non-revenue water are usually theft, leaks, meter inefficiency and water main breaks. The IoT water flow meter will make it easy to monitor the water distribution network, particularly those that have sectorisation, such as Virtual DMAs.

 5 Consumption Inefficiencies Identifications by Customers

 Another application of these smart meters is the capability to identify the consumption inefficiency or pattern. These smart meters help the consumers keep track of the water usage flow and timing throughout their property. This data can help the consumer to find out the problem areas or inefficiencies in their water use, and to rectify behaviour. to lower water usage and cost.

 All the above mentioned above will help you briefly understand the benefits of using an IoT smart water meter. Smart water networks australia can effectively help with the issue of water loss and water network efficiency.


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